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UPDATE: 101 Goals in 1001 Days

I'm a list-lovin' gal, it's true. This should come as no surprise to you if you've followed Brave Love Blog for any length of time. I love lists of tasks (color-coded to-do's are my jam!) and lists of books I've read; I make grocery list after laundry list after bucket list and they're hidden all about the apartment. This, however, is the longest list I've ever made.

I started 2014 with a list of 101 Goals in 1001 days HERE. I've tweaked the list slightly since then (goals change when you move across the country!) and I've been cross items off slowly but surely. I have 565 days left to tackle the last 56 items (YIKES!), but I'll choose to look at the fact that I have successfully completed 45 already with 11 currently in progress. 

Come September 27, 2016, this list is going to have enriched my life and given me wonderful memories a plenty!

#21 is Project Life 2015. Above is my cover page, complete with a verse for the year and a snap of my haircut (it's still so short!) from January 2nd. I've only just begun but I'm excited to cross this off my list by the end of the year. More details on my Project Life process is coming later this week! 

101 Goals in 1001 Days
Started January 1, 2014.
(45/101) as of March 8, 2015.
To be completed September 27, 2016.
Completed | In Progress

1. Become a morning person.
2. Volunteer somewhere. YoungLife, August 2014
3. Take a personal retreat. February 2015
4. Go to a retreat/conference. Brave Love Seattle, January 2014
5. Read the entire Bible
6. Find a budgeting plan that works.
7. Memorize 101 scriptures. (4/101)
8. Re-read my college journals. September 2014
9. Find a church to attend/community group at OSU.
10. Mentor college/HS girls. YL 2014
11. Support an adoption. December 2014
12. Complete 1,000 gifts journal.
13. Get into grad school. March 2014, OSU
14. Write a book.
15. Make (actually do!) 10 Pinterest pins.
16. Go to New York City.
17. See The Nutcracker.
18. Organize 3 styled shoots. (0/3)
19. Watch Downton Abbey.
20. Read through my bookshelf.
21. Project Life 2015.
22. Go to Baylor Homecoming. November 2014
23. Get my teaching certificate.
24. Solidify my calligraphy skills.
25. Return to Europe.
26. Meet an author I love!
27. Follow/complete my Powersheets. July 2014
28. Host a Friendsgiving.
29. Go to a country concert.
30. Girls' trip with the Three Musketeers.
31. Send flowers to 3 people. (0/3)
32. Send 101 letters. (5/101)
33. Blog series every day for 1 monthFebruary + September 2014 
34. Consolidate/organize e-mail addresses. Fall 2014.
35. Go to an Instagram meet up.
36. Travel somewhere fun for spring break. March 2015. NEXT WEEK!
37. Help someone pull off a surpriseLuis's birthday adventure, March 2014
38. Redesign my blog. The new look: BRAVE LOVE! March 2014
39. Do ballet barre for one monthMarch 2014
40. One month of social media free weekends. 
41. Be published/featured somewhere. Simplified Series + Elle & Co. Coffee Date 2014
42. Meet up with blog friends in real life 3x's. (3/3) Victoria, Liz + Abi, Nicole + Rachel, 2014-2015
43. Host a Christmas swap. Winter 2014
44. The Contentment Challenge.
45. Learn how to better use my Canon Rebel t3.
46. Work with a blog friend on a project I believe in. #fireworkpeople Oct 2014
47. Start a Newsletter.
48. Join the Influence Network. March 2014
49. Activate artists in my church. EPIC, May 2014
50. Host a DIY series.
51. Hit 300 GFC/Bloglovin'. September 2014
52. See a midnight movie premier.
53. Record a vlog. September 2014
54. Record a tutorial.
55. Celebrate turning 23! July 16, 2014
56. Celebrate turning 24!
57. Write (become a regular contributor) for another blog/magazine/website. Glow, September 2014
58. Do the Color Run or a 5k.
59. Take a Zumba class. November 2014
60. Go to the gym 3x's/wk for a month.
61. Meet my first weight loss goal.
62. Meet my second weight loss goal.
63. Take a dance classWest Coast Swing, January 2014
64. Go to the tulip festival. April 2014
65. Go hiking.
66. Do a wine tasting.
67. Celebrate turning 25! A quarter of a century!
68. See real snow. February 2015
69. Own a pair of red Hunter rain boots.
70. Pay off school debt.
71. Learn to cook!
72. Go to Disneyland! February 2014
73. Invest in Anthro dishes. March 2014
74. Read 15 books/10 plays in 12 months. (21/15 & 11/10)*
75. Sell/donate excess. June 2014
76. Wear red lipstick every day for a week.
77. Try a new cut/do/style. August 2014 + January 2015
78. Get a professional blow out.
79. Take a spontaneous road trip. December 2014
80. Read all of Shakespeare's plays. (3/37)
81. Direct a playMarch 2014, Alice in Wonderland
82. Be IN a show.  2015, These Shining Lives
83. Take new headshots/portraits. June 2014
84. Rock the top knot/messy bun. Fall 2014
85. Financially bless someone. February 2015
86. Help plan a wedding.
87. Host a classy NYE party.
88. Take a spontaneous road trip. Portland, May 2014
89. Attend The Influence Conference. September 2015
90. Go to a professional sporting event. August 2014
91. Attend a blogger meet up/conference. Hope Spoken March 2015. TWO WEEKS AWAY!
92. Turn my handwriting into a font.
93. Host a blog link-upOne Little Word, January 2014
94. Visit Seattle again! Summer 2015
95. Own a Lindsay Letters canvas. July 2014
96. Master the art of Nanny's spaghettiFebruary 2014
97. Subscribe to an inspiring magazine. Darling, October 2014
98. Meet one of my role models.
99. Go to a real tree farm.
100. Have a real Christmas tree.
101. Make an advent calendar.

March will check #91 off my list with Hope Spoken in two short weeks, as well as #36 as I leave for a spring break adventure this weekend! To follow along the progress, I have a page dedicated to my 101 in 1001 list at the top of the blog. Be sure to check it out! 

Have YOU made a list of 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days? 
Any items on my list you can help me with? I'd love to know! ;)

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