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Introducing Heart of the Word: EPHESIANS

I've known about the Bible for as long as I can remember. My parents were my Sunday school teachers when I was barely old enough to attend school during the week. I don't remember felt boards with Noah and his ark or what prints hung on the wall. However I do remember sword drills (races to see who could find a particular Bible verse the fastest) and memorization days. I could spit a dozen scriptures out to you before you could blink, and I was proud of it, too. But it wasn't until years later that the Word started to mean something more. And I'm talking around ten years later. 

When I made my 2015 goals, the first on my list was to "live saturated in scripture."  But I didn't want to do it alone. The Word of God is started to come alive for me when I read it in community. Diving in verse after verse with other college students and learning from other women through hashtags and online studies radically shaped my view of both the Bible and the way God works in our lives. From that place Heart of the Word was born.

Heart of the Word: EPHESIANS

Beginning today, I am joining with fellow bloggers and soul sisters to study the Word intentionally and in community, and we are inviting you to join in! The kind-hearted and encouraging Rachel of Rachel Rewritten, Katie of A Place to Dwell, Rachel of Our Yellow Door, and Sarah of Joyfully Organized are co-hosting the series with me and will be sharing their hearts, insights, and routines along the way.

This month we are beginning with the book of Ephesians.

Ephesians is a letter of encouragement and advice, written to remind believers of our immeasurable blessings in Jesus, teaching us not only to be thankful for them, but to live in a manner worthy of them. Paul reminds us that the church is not confined to four walls, that the church is HIS people, every race and every nation, people who love Christ and want to spend their days serving Him. Ephesians is all about having Christ at the center. 

That's what I want to cultivate in this season and every season after it. 
Whatever road or calling I am to walk, it's Him I want to run with. 
And I want to run it with like-minded people. 
This is where you come in :)

Our heart behind this study, and any that will follow, is to simply dive into scripture together. We will follow along and encourage one another by using the hashtags #heartoftheWord and #heartofEphesians, and we will offer weekly opportunities to link up with participants, sharing what the Lord is teaching you during this journey. None of this is required, though we believe that engaging with the Word with other women can only encourage us further.  

If you're interested in a weekly e-mail with updates, sources, reading suggestions, etc. sign up HERE.

We have come up with a calendar for anyone who may want structure, but feel free to study it with your own system. I will be following the breakdown provided below in an effort to spend more time on smaller sections of scripture. Below is also a list of which blog to link to on our weekly link-ups which will take place each Thursday.

Week 1: February 2 - 7 //  Ephesians 1 - 2:13 // Link-Up @ Our Yellow Door
Week 2: February 8 - 14 // Ephesians 2:14 - 3 // Link-Up @ Rachel Rewritten
Week 3: February 15 - 21 // Ephesians 4 + Psalm 63 // Link-Up @ Joyfully Organized
Week 4: February 22 - 28 // Ephesians 5 + 6 // Link-Up @ A Place to Dwell 

The readings are roughly two chapters per week, and we added a Psalm for the third week to open our reading to more of the Bible. I've thrown a lot at you already, but below are two more items of interest. The first is the blog button you are welcome to put on your sidebar or weekly posts, share on social media, resize as needed, to spread the word. All are welcome and the more the merrier! Second, there is a link-up below for anyone who is interested in participating. Simply link to your blog's home page or about me so we can get to know one another better.

I am so excited to dive in with all of you! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! 

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