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Wild + Free | Brave Love Vlog, Vol. 2

Eeep! So many things about this link up make me laugh, but here it is nevertheless. The lovely Annie and Amber launched a monthly vlogging link-up called "Speak Up!" and I am so excited to be joining in. I recorded my first vlog during The Blog-tember Challenge and even at first glance you can see a few differences (for example, 10+ less inches of hair!).  This month's topic was Wild + Free, and you can talk about it in any capacity. I'll let the vlog do the talking for me and include a link to the link-up below. Enjoy!

There you have it, friends! Forgive the momentary freak out over the frozen screen... live vlogging for ya. ;)
Check back on February 6 for the next Speak Up! vlog.  The topic? HEART!

Mr. Thomas and Me
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