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2015 Goals + Inspiration

Happiest of New Year's, my friends! Whether you rang in 2015 in your sparkliest of dresses with two dozen friends or curled up on the couch with a cup of cocoa (like me), I hope this new year launches you into twelve months of big dreams, brave decisions, and bold adventures. I have this feeling inside my gut that it is going to be the best year yet (as well as one of the most stretching), so let's jump in full force, shall we?

I am all about these fresh starts, y'all. The first day on a calendar, a brand new month, it feels like a reset button that has been waiting for me to press "go" for weeks. I've been SO looking forward to setting new goals and putting a shiny new game plan into action. Last week I shared the life vision board I created while working through the PowerSheets, and today I wanted to give you a glimpse of my 2015 vision board before sharing the goals that stemmed from it.

My hope for this board was to capture my words of the year (more on those soon) as well as incorporate elements of my life vision as a daily reminder of what I'm working toward.  There's plenty of color, glitter, prep + planning tools, as well as encouraging words. 2015 is the year to be BRAVE and to celebrate the GOLD that comes from hard work and perseverance (and that lies in each and every one of us, ready for the noticing). I want my year to be full of glittering confetti, bold statements, thoughtful organizing and intentional simplifying, centered around pursuing Jesus + filling my life with His Word (image + sources).

Now onto the goals. This year the PowerSheets left space for 10 goals, and to be honest I became very overwhelmed. I had a tough time fleshing out the 5 that I set last year. But I was determined to fill out each one, and I am still in the process of digging into each of these areas to come up with specifics. So some of these goals may really be areas of my life that I want to see a change made, rather than a specific check-me-off-the-list-when-complete point. Nevertheless, here they are:

2015 Goals:

1. I want to live a life saturated in Scripture (reading it daily, memorizing it, filling my home with it).
2. I want to intentionally use the platforms He's given me (social media, blogging, and so on) to glorify Him.
3. I want to live more simply, cleaning out the clutter in my home + heart, cultivating a lifestyle of contentment.
4. I want to settle into heart healthy habits now, honoring God by taking care of the one body + one life He's gifted me.
5. I want to savor my season, making an effort to enjoy where I'm at, do more of what fires me up, and live with intention.
6. I want to be more diligent with my saving + more discerning with my spending.
7. I want to give 100% when serving the Firework People community, taking my responsibilities to the next level.
8. I want to cultivate the good life and record it, making time for and completing Project Life 2015.
9. I want to be a woman who encourages + empowers + equips others to savor their seasons, using my gifts to create resources.
10. I want to be diligent in my school work, working as if for the Lord and not for men, maintaining a positive light and presence in my department.

Many of these are echoes of last week's life vision statements, and for now that's okay. The specifics will come with my monthly goals, which I'll share next week, and I am intentionally spending the first week of 2015 working through each goal, finding a verse to pray over it, and putting them in a place of prominence in my apartment. 

Along with these goals, I have made a list of items from my 101 Goals in 1001 Days list to accomplish this year. I've already crossed off 40 out of the 101 in the first 12 months! Woohoo! Some are time sensitive (like I cannot celebrate turning twenty-four until, you know, July...) and others require a prettier penny than I currently possess, but I am determined to see them through. 

101 in 1001 Tasks for 2015:

1. Become a morning person.  
2. Read the entire Bible. 
3. Complete a 1,000 gifts journal.
4. Project Life 2015.
5. Girls' trip with the Three Musketeers.
6. One month of social media free weekends.
7. The Contentment Challenge.
8. Celebrate turning 24!
9. Be IN a show.
10. Attend the Influence Conference.
11. Visit Seattle again.
12. Record a tutorial.
13. Learn how to better use my Canon Rebel t3.
14. Write an e-book.
15. Make an advent calendar.

I technically have until September 27, 2016 to finish, and some of these dreams are pretty lofty, but the ones on my 2015 list are totally doable. Some of them are already in progress, too! I am halfway through my 1,000 gifts journal, I can't help but turn twenty-four, and I have my ticket purchased for the Influence Conference, ready to go! 

What's on your list of goals this year? What do you plan to make happen in 2015? I'd love to know!

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