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Live Inspired: #Powersheets + Life Vision

My favorite thing about Lara Casey's Power Sheets is the preparation process they guide you through before you name your goals: reassessing the past six months/year, finding what works and what didn't along with the lessons learned, redefining your core values and what fires you up. All of these things lead you to goals that will truly make what matters happen (and show you the motivation behind them)!

As part of the prep, a blank page is provided on which to collage your life vision.  I look forward to this part with each set! This will be my third year choosing a word and creating a vision board for the months to come, but this is my first time making a LIFE vision board. I wanted to put on paper (and in a pretty picture) the things want to see cultivated in my life.

I turned first to Pinterest (images + sources) then to Photoshop to throw this beauty together. But I don't want it to sit in a binder or on my fridge as nothing more than a creative collage. I want to live this out, and I'm asking you to walk through this with me. Call me out, hold me accountable, and let me throw some confetti at you along the way! We were made to live our days in community, and I know the Lord is at work in the women of the blogging world. But without further ado, here is my life vision.
The Life I Want to Live:

I want to live a life saturated in Scripture.

I want to travel the world, sight-seeing and serving.

I want to invest in the next generation, be it my own children or someone else's.

I want to live in rich, Christ-centered community that gathers often and loves well.

I want to look first for beauty and God's design, seeing his handiwork in even the mundane.

I want to tell creative stories with artists young and old, revealing the value of their unique voice.

I want to take time to savor the little things: coffee dates, quiet moments, a new journal, and so on.

I want to turn to Jesus first in each day and each circumstance, depending on His wisdom + guidance.

The Woman I Want to Be:

I want to be a woman who throws gold, glittering confetti to celebrate others.

I want to be a woman who encourages + empowers + equips others to savor their season.

I want to be a woman who says both an intentional yes AND no, following the Lord's lead.

I want to be a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, dares to wear color, and smiles a lot.

I want to be a woman who takes care of her heart and her health so her dreams can come into being.

I want to be a woman who uses my gifts to share the gospel, spark meaningful conversations, and love others.

I want to be a woman who speaks life into others, calling out the good and the potential especially when they cannot see it.

Lofty ambitions? Absolutely yes. Am I going to be perfect? Absolutely not. But I want to do my best to live these out, resting in His grace and will. 2015 is the year I want to dive into these things whole-heartedly. 2015 is chock full of potential and I want these to be part of the foundation everything launches from. 2015 is just around the corner. How are you preparing for the New Year?

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