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We Are Firework People

I believe in the power of community. I believe that speaking life into others will change the world. I also believe that you have what it takes to make your dreams happen. Do you? If so, let me introduce you to Firework People. These women have been in my life for less than a month and I am already radically changed! When women rally together to encourage one another, celebrating their unique giftings and dreams, big things will happen. Big things are already happening, and #fireworkpeople is making major waves.

What started as a weekly Twitter chat, the tag #fireworkpeople, has now blossomed into a movement of over 600 women who are fire-starters and world-changers, ready and willing to launch one another forward and call each person to their greatest potential. This is a radical group, going against the grain and joining forces to create community where elsewhere on the internet comparison and competition reigns supreme.  Firework People is just beginning, and I am personally inviting you to join us!

I have the joy and the honor of being part of Firework People's core team. The three other ladies, Ashley, Mandi, and Jordan, are swiftly becoming dear friends and have provided a constant stream of laughter and support in the short amount of time I've known them.

Firework People is a place for women of all seasons; we have college students, stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, you name it. If you want to find like-minded women and a support system, we're you're go-to. These women have caught the vision and are running with it at the speed of light, carrying one another and linking arms in the journey. The heartbeat of this movement is encouraging community. As our website proudly states,

"We are radical encouragers. We are celebrators. 
We are brave. We are full of nation-shifting ideas. 
We are more together than we are apart. We are kind. 
We are generous. We are commissioning you."

Still not sure? Here is what I suggest: Check the tag #fireworkpeople on Twitter and Instagram. Connect with a few gals, shoot me an e-mail, ask around. Take a peek at the magic happening. Below I have included a Storify review of last week's Twitter chat. This, I believe, is the best example of what those Tuesday nights and Thursday mornings look like. 

We have a Facebook group that is quite active, a space to share your story and passion, as well as to find women doing the same. Everyone is also assigned a Community Builder/group --that's my job-- as a way to give you a smaller, more intimate group to get to know within the larger community. We'd love for you to join us!

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