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Making November Happen

I begin every month with the same exclamation: I can't believe it's already ________! November is no exception. As baffling as it continues to be how fast time flies, I love this month already. November 1st brought a Baylor homecoming victory (60-14), the release of the Starbucks red cups, and we gained an hour of sleep. I call that a welcoming weekend!

November is the start of my favorite season. Winter is approaching, holidays encroaching, and my schedule is filling. Honestly, it's going to be the toughest month yet.  This week is show week, so don't be surprised if I'm MIA. I've got a few blog posts planned, twitter parties and #fireworkpeople details to tackle, but I'll be in rehearsal most evenings. But I've got plenty of hot chocolate and Christmas music to keep me going, and no I am not ashamed to say I started listening on Saturday with pride.

Even so, I'm determined to make the most of this month. Yesterday I started a hashtag on Instagram as a reminder to myself to put my dreams and plans into action. It's Now or Never November. It was almost No Excuses November, but the other didn't have any tags ;) Are you in? Care to join me? 

Now for a check-in and goal update:

October's Goals:
Participate in the Write 31 Days Challenge. Erh... I started, does that count? I had to take my own advice and savor my season by taking a step back.
Take steps to savor my seasonSee the above. Some steps were taken intentionally, and boy did life throw itself at me in new ways. Four words: grad school is hard.
Organize/de-clutter my closet.  YES! Sweet success, this happened! It might be messy now, but it is officially fully unpacked.
A weekend trip to Waco to see friends + Les MisWhat a refreshing weekend it was! Speedy, too, but I so enjoyed seeing everyone and seeing the show.
A weekend trip home + First Monday Canton with MomThis happened, too. We gathered the first fresh fall and holiday decor of the season. And it's always good to be home. 
A weekend trip to Wichita to see a Baylor friendYup! Another item checked off. We watched the Baylor game, explored the city, and had a much needed break from school. 
Start a 5k training plan. I actually completely forgot this was on here. Oops.
Blog makeover and updateYes! I have to say I'm loving the new look. Brave Love needed a makeover.
Participate in the weekly #fireworkpeople Twitter chatsThese were often a highlight of my week! #fireworkpeople is dear to my heart and has brought so many new friends in my life. Check out the chat tomorrow at 8pm central!

November's Goals:
Finish this show with a good attitude. My week is the definition of insane, but that is no excuse not to extend grace to people or try to find the positive. I want to be diligent in my responsibilities with this show and end on a high note on Sunday.
Have MY show performance ready before Thanksgiving. When we return from the break we will have 4-5 days to tech the show, with a performance on Friday. I want it to essentially be ready for an audience before we part ways on the 25th.
Assign all Merry & Bright Gift Swap partners.  If you haven't heard of the gift swap, check HERE! I hope to start sending out assignments early next week (no time to breathe this week let alone pair 95 women). You should SO join us!
Finish my research paper! My rough draft is due next Tuesday... don't ask how far I am, or should I say how far I'm not... oops.
Finish The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst. This book is rocking my world! Sadly it's been tossed aside and I'm only halfway through. I want to dive in this month.
Read/study Acts & Romans while continuing the Influence Conf. devotional.  Acts and Romans are two of my favorites but it has been quite some time since I dedicated study to it. Also, I've been thoroughly enjoy the devotional from the Influence Conference. I highly recommend it!
Get active 3x's per weekI have to be diligent about scheduling and sticking to my work out routine.
Decorate my apartment for Christmas! Yes, this is happening in November. No, I'm not ashamed at all.
Tackle my inboxes at the beginning and end of each week. I am trying to better organize my work-flow when it comes to school, personal, blog, and Firework People e-mails.  I want it to be a priority on Mondays and Fridays so I can leave it alone on the weekends. 

What about you, friends? What are you making happen this month? Anyone else SUPER excited for the cold weather and warm beverages it practically mandates? I know I am.

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