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Why Savor Your Season?

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. There is something about the crisp weather that makes me linger a little bit longer, walk a little slower, and pay more attention to nature's subtle movements: the trees on my street's gradual shift from green to yellow, the ripple of the breeze in my scarf, and the crunch of fallen leaves beneath my boots. 

All my life I thought I knew the best of fall. I craved it each year and rejoiced when it appeared, assuming that I understood it's beauty and purpose. All of this changed when I moved to Seattle after graduation. Fall in that city was beyond anything I had ever experienced or imagined! The leaves were ten times bigger, the colors a hundred times brighter, and the moments shared with friends over hot cocoa and coffee eternally sweeter. I was baffled! My mind was blown! 

This season I thought I knew, my expectations and experiences, became radically different when I followed the Lord's lead. The average became the adventure. The mundane became magnificent. Last fall was a season I will never forget.

We were created to ache for a different season

The desire is not discontentment, it's divinely inspired. Mandated, even. In Ecclesiastes 3:11 we are told that God has put eternity in the hearts of man. Some versions even say that it is written on our hearts. That desire inside of you for the next, best thing is rooted in God's desire for you: that you would seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, chasing after the home awaiting us when we leave the temporary for the eternal. 

I have struggled with my future-minded nature for so long. Time after time I would catch myself wishing away today for tomorrow, or this week for the next, even the current year for the one to come. 

I had this mentality that "Life will finally start when [insert the next season here]". Life will finally start when.... I get to college, when I graduate, when I get married, when I have a steady job, on and on and on it goes.  I was ready to be established and to put down roots, functioning under the lie that I would only be happy and that I would only be able to fully serve the Lord if I had a home that was secure. 

Honestly, I still struggle with those thoughts. I have been in my current season for less than two months and I want to get the most out of it. Even when my dreams seem too big to fit in this time, or far off in the distance, I can cling to the promise that His timing is perfect and His seasons are purposeful.

"He has made everything beautiful in its time. 
He also has planted eternity in men's hearts and minds 
[a divinely implanted sense of a purpose working 
through the ages which nothing under the 
sun but God alone can satisfy]."
 Ecclesiastes 3:11, Amplified Version

I have spent more time wanting to BE somebody than to BE WITH the Somebody who can make my dreams come true. So as of right now, I am finished with taking my season for granted. I am determined to devour every second of it as though it were a gift from God because you know what, it is. Those things and places I'm yearning for are His love, mercy, grace, and the floor at His feet and a seat on His lap. Nothing else can fill that void. 

So let's do it. Let's savor our season. Let's get to the heart and the root of where we are, becoming aware of our heart ties and tendencies so we can better place them before the King. Won't you join me?

--------------A QUICK NOTE.
Have you noticed anything different about this site? ;) Brave Love got a makeover today and it is still in the finessing process, so please bear with the construction. ALSO, with the nature of this prompt, my posts will arrive at various times during the day. I want to spend time each day writing and reflecting, and though some posts will be written in advance others will make their way to the surface later in the afternoon. Thanks for the grace, y'all! So happy to have you along on this journey.

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