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Savor Your Season || A 31 Day Writing Challenge

One challenge down, one to go! Yesterday marked the end of The Blog-tember Challenge, and today signals the beginning of the Write 31 Days Challenge. I hosted the former, a month-long blogging challenge which encouraged readers to write once a day on a provided topic. This go-around things are different. Myquillyn of The Nester has invited us into the challenge, and the goal is to write every day for thirty-one days on a specific subject. My topic: SAVOR YOUR SEASON.

It all started with a hashtag. In August I completed a summer-long cross-country move by planting roots in Oklahoma for grad school. Walking across campus I instantly began comparing buildings and the atmosphere to that of my alma mater, and caught myself in the moment. My season is new, my season is different, my season is unique. Grad school will not and should not be the same as undergrad. What would be the point? It was then that I decided I wanted to savor my season. As I began sharing about my days at OSU, I made a point to find moments and places to savor, to find the joy and blessing in along the way. It has done wonders for my outlook on life.

Therefore, when it came time to choose a topic for the #write31days challenge, it was a no-brainer. I do not pretend to be an expert at savoring my season --at enjoying and embracing my stage in life to the fullest-- but it is something I want to get better at. For the next thirty-one days, I will explore the topic and share my thoughts, as well as inspiration and encouragement for those looking to do the same. The Be You, Bravely series will pick back up, highlighting women who are savoring their seasons in unique and meaningful ways. Won't you join me?

Are any of you participating in the Write 31 Days challenge?
I would love to know so I can follow along!

Day 1: Savor Your Season
Day 2: Why Savor Your Season?
Day 3: The Here & The Now
Day 4: Seasons Come & Seasons Go

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  1. This sounds like it's going to be a great series. I look forward to your posts--following along and pinning!