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Monday, monday, monday. I've got a case of the Monday's. But I've also got five favorite blogs to share with you as part of The Blog-tember Challenge! If you are just now joining us, welcome welcome! We are so glad to have you for the next couple of weeks. The time so far has FLOWN by.

Today's prompt: Introduce us to 5 blogs you read on the regular, and tell us why!

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The incredible and encouraging Ann Voskamp is the author of One Thousand Gifts, a self proclaimed farm girl, and a heart so deeply rooted in Jesus that her blog cannot help but shine with His goodness and for His glory! She often features other writers (some of my favorites including Jennie Allen, Christine Caine, and Myquillyn Smith) and her blog has just been given a spiffy new make over. Add her to your list pronto!

If you don't read Lauren's blog or subscribe to her printable library, you are missing out. Lauren is a graphic designer and gem of a gal who is stellar at celebrating others and encouraging both organization and intentionality in life. Her posts are thoughtful, insightful, and well-written, as well as stocked with great advice and even the occasional printable/free phone wallpaper. You'll love her!

Chelsea and I met in French class several years ago but reconnected over the past year via Instagram and e-mail as she began her blogging journey. Another journey she has been on and seeks to inspire others in is her journey to physical fitness and health. Chelsea has a heart as big as Texas and a soul sweet as tea. If anyone else is looking for encouragement in this area of your life, she is a go-to!

This new Christian lifestyle blog launches this week and I am excited to share that I will be a monthly contributor along with a handful of sweet women who seek to know, serve, and share Jesus. Be sure to check it out as we tackle a wide range of topics {grow, inspire, love, social, and life} for women in all seasons. I'll be sure to let you know when my posts go up :)

Y'all, I want to be a mom blogger. Someday. And Naomi of Love Taza (formerly Rockstar Diaries) has two of the cutest kids you ever did see. She also has incredible fashion sense and gets to travel all over with her hubby and littles, a third one on the way, which only increases my wanderlust and baby fever. Maybe these things will happen in a someday season, but for now I'll admire from afar.

What about you? What are some of your favorites?

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