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T E N | Ten Things I Love About Me

So The Blog-tember Challenge continues! I love lists and thought day ten was perfect for this one. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty quick to pick myself apart. I see my flaws as if they glow with neon, so sometimes I have to remind myself that I like myself. Toss out the negative and replace it with the positive. Let's go for it!

Today's prompt: List 10 things you love about yourself! Let's kick that negative self-talk outta here!

1. My eyes. Just this Saturday, the first day I was feeling horribly sick, I picked up some Mrs. Fields cookies for my sister, and the guy behind the counter said I had really pretty eyes. I'm pretty sure I looked like death warmed over, but I smiled and said thank you. It brightened my evening. My eyes are big and blue and they shift colors with what I'm wearing. My favorite gray shirt turns them a similar color, but when I sport my Baylor green they change several shades in that direction. 

2. My different laughs. I used to hate them. Most of the time it's soundless, like a grin with a shoulder bounce. I thought I was awkward. Maybe it still is, but I don't mind it so much. But if something surprises me, really cracks me up, then a burst of laughter comes without my permission. I'm still no good at laughing on stage, but I can work on that.

3. My name. Y'all. Bailey Jean can be country. And I mean cooooountry if the right person says it. But I love it! People sing Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" to me almost as soon as they find out my middle name, and in the past four years I have had more people call me Bailey Jean than ever in my life. It's what I go by here in the blogosphere, and I don't plan to change it :)

4. My handwriting. Mrs. Henry used to give me B's in penmanship. It was one of my greatest struggles in the 4th grade, let me tell ya. These days I quite like it. It varies depending on what I'm writing with, loopier if with pencil and sharper with a marker, and I still don't like the way I write my capital I's (they're never the same in a single sentence). But over all, I'm a fan.

5. My ability to be alone. Now, this isn't to be sappy and sad. I just really like spending time by myself. Traveling alone in the spring for grad school interviews was wonderful! Flying, driving, exploring. I so enjoyed it. I go to movies by myself, and having my own space is so refreshing. I'm not as nervous going into situations where I don't know anyone like I used to be, and it has been a long time coming finding this kind of confidence. It's a small victory, but I'll take it.

6. My memory. Mom always jokes that I took the rest of hers. I can remember details from when I was a small child, as far as two or three, and strange details from random moments no one else thinks of any more. It's also helpful when memorizing for class or shows, too.

7. I make a mean dessert. This one's simple. I can't cook to save my life (no really, I burnt easy mac once...) but I can make just about anything sweet. I have my standard dishes, such as dirt cake and caramel pie, but I've added a few new ones to my repertoire, like sopapilla cheesecake and bacon cinnamon rolls. Come by sometime, and I'll share ;)

8. My type-a personality. If there's a check list, a work sheet, or a 5 step plan, I'm in. I love to color-code, legal pads are my jam, and post-it notes are my love language. I'm not always patient, I like to see things done right and done right away, and stress can build. Majorly. I'm also pretty okay with how non-type-A I can be. I procrastinate, I let messes stay for days, and I'll throw in the towel in a competition if need be. 

9. I'm a fast reader. I can blaze through a book in a couple of hours with no problem. When reading in class, I always liked to be the first finished so I could read the book I actually wanted to, and it's no longer just skimming. I can take a few seconds with a paragraph and know the general gist. Maybe it's sight words, maybe it's reading the first and last sentence. It varies. I have noticed a habit of skipping lines, so when I'm reading for pleasure I am trying to be more intentional about reading every word.

10. I'm secure in Christ. This one is a work in progress for sure but I've made leaps and bounds in my walk with Jesus over the years. I am more confident in who I am right now, not as worried about the people I'm not or "should be". Oh have mercy, can we please through "should be" out the window? I have quirks, flaws, habits, and talents that are unique to me, and since believing that I am uniquely, fearfully, and wonderfully made it has made life much more enjoyable and manageable. 

What about you, friends? Throw the negative out and look for the positive!
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