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F I V E | A Fiery Passion

Five! Can you believe it?! Five days into The Blog-tember Challenge already! I am doing my best to catch up on comments and I want to say hello to you all, but I'm a bit behind. Do forgive me! I'm also feeling doubly inspired by the fashion trends you shared yesterday, stocked with new ideas for the fall, and I was rolling with laughter at how adamantly you agreed with me about the leggings bit! 

Today, we dig in a little deeper. I tried to mix the topics to keep things light and fresh, but also to spark thought and reflection along the way. I know I had something specific in mind when I wrote today's topic, but I get the feeling things might swing about a bit. That's always fun though, isn't it?

Today's prompt: "I am passionate about _____________."

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"What are you passionate about?" It is one of my favorite questions to ask when I meet someone new. I usually tack on: "What do you get fired up about? What makes you excited?" and their eyes usually light up right away! 

If you follow me on Instagram, or even here at Brave Love, you will have seen mention of Lara Casey's Power Sheets. I am a HUGE fan of these goal planning worksheets and they have done wonders for my productivity and vision casting over the last 6 months. As part of the goal planning preparation, Lara asks you to list "what fires you up," to get at your core. I usually relate what fires me up to the happy list I shared a few days ago. However, today I'm digging in deeper. 

I am passionate about... 
(also known as what fires me up)

...learning what others are passionate about.
...bright sunflowers in the market on a rainy day.
...thoughtful and artful storytelling through words, art, theatre, etc.
...seeing others understand Shakespeare for the first time.
...quality time with a friend over hot chocolate.
...encouraging young women no matter their season or station.
...looking for the little joys during the day.
...long afternoon naps.
...cultivating a creative life.
...learning more about Jesus.
...being engaged in an encouraging community.
...watching as many Disney movies as I can.
...enjoying an evening around a great meal with friends. 

What about you, friends? What are you passionate about?

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