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E I G H T | Move to the Music

Music is powerful. I am a firm believer in that. I couldn't host The Blog-tember Challenge without including a post about one of the most important and influential elements in my life! There is a rare moment when music is not playing during my day. Whether it is an instrumental piece underscoring my walk to class --it makes everything more beautiful and notable, I think-- or Sinatra singing to put a pep in my step as I sweep, music moves me. I am more likely to cry through a song than in a movie these days, and I have a song in mind for just about everything. A singular favorite will be on repeat for weeks, or I could listen through my library on shuffle for a month without hearing a single one twice. Anyone else with me here?

Today's prompt: Music that moves you. Are you a Spotify addict or a Pandora guru? Tell us your favorite artists/stations!

artists. At this moment in time, my current favorite artists include: Luke Bryan, Stephany Gretzinger, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Florida Georgia Line, George Straight, Sleeping at Last, Bethel Music, Antioch Live, Alexandre Desplat, Tye Tribbett, Rachel Portman, Kari Jobe, Dave Barnes, Jon McLaughlin, Jimmy Needham, Michael Buble, Pentatonix, Alan Menkin, and Ellie Holcomb.

albums. There are several albums on the horizon that I am excited about, and a few that have released recently that have been on repeat. Stephany Gretzinger's worship album, The Undoing, is my constant companion. My church is releasing their new album, It is Finished by Antioch Live, next week. I love everything on Luke Bryan's Crash My Party, and Sleeping at Last released one on Noisetrade recently with 29+ items for free! It is heaven!

genres. I listen to music all over the board! Movie scores, musical soundtracks, country hits, big band swing classics and blues favorites. I don't know if one genre could be considered my favorite. Each has its time and place. I write and read to instrumental pieces, work out to an upbeat Disney playlist, and I picture my life as if it has it's own theme and soundtrack, both of which are pretty eclectic.  Musicals are my go-to for the 5 hour drive to my parents house; by the end of the trip I have the entire thing choreographed in my head ;)

stations. I don't listen to the actual radio very often, so I'm usually not well versed in the latest hits. However, I have several favorite Pandora stations (which is almost constantly on my TV these days) that are worth sharing. All Sons & Daughters is a recent obsession, and the Ludovico Einaudi station is a staple. He's a contemporary Italian composer who I have loved for years! If you haven't heard of him before, check him out ASAP.  And while I could give Christmas music a category all it's own ( ...I may or may not have listened to a little last night...) the Michael Buble holiday station is GOLD!

Okay, friends! Send your favorites my way! What should I be listening to?

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