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Everything Etsy

Personally, I try to stay as far away from online shopping as possible. It's just too easy! I'm enough of a shopaholic as it is, but when you tell me I can tackle it all from home in my pajamas, that is a recipe for brilliance disaster and a very sad bank account. Even so, I find myself perusing Etsy pretty frequently. I have a large list of shops I've favorited and items I've been eyeing, my wish list a mile long.

This lost covers it all, from stationery to home decor, clothing and bags... you name it I've found it. Today I wanted to show you a handful of my favorites. I don't think they'll surprise you one bit ;)

  • Big Dreams & Grand Schemes Notepad: Aren't these pretty? You can never have too many notepads in my opinion.
  • Square Terrarium: I can just picture this beauty in my new apartment. Quite an eye-catching piece!
  • Art Print: This artist is one of my favorites. I'm still on the hunt for a living room color scheme, and I want to base it on a print. I've always loved this one but I don't know if it's what I'll end up with.
  • Sequined Hangers: Sequins are a girl's best friend. I'd want to put this beauty on display if I had one!
  • Succculent Sample: Can't you just see these pretties in that terrarium? I can :)
  • No Worries Print: I say this all the time! It also makes me sing Hakuna Matata, so that's a plus.

What do you think? Are any of these a must-have? Do you have a favorite Etsy shop I should know about? Let me know!


  1. All of which I would totally buy! Love those prints, they are very "you"!

  2. I love perusing Etsy! These shops are great!


  3. Ohmagoodness, Etsy is dangerous, isn't it? :) I love your finds! I've never seen sequined hangers!