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BJR at OSU | Apartment Glimpses

As of yesterday at 5:30pm, I successfully survived my first day of grad school! Woohoo! If that isn't a cause for celebration, I don't know what is. Day 1 was long and full and I am happily settling into the routine I've been craving all summer. Orientation started last Wednesday with meeting after meeting, but it was a much needed introduction to what is to come. I also met the six other grad students I would be working with this year. I am definitely the youngest but I feel confident that I can make it a great year regardless of my lesser experience and age.

I had a full day to myself last Thursday to explore campus and take care of final details (employment paperwork, ID cards, and those boring things) and I was struck by how LARGE and how beautiful this campus is! Baylor will always have my heart, but if I can't be in awe of Pat Neff every day, this will do quite nicely. Oklahoma State is in the Big 12 with Baylor so it's a fun bit of rivalry, and it is hard not to wince at all the orange and cowboy gear floating around. Supposedly during football season, Friday is "Orange Day" and the campus and city are covered in the bright hue. Even so, I'm planning to sport my green and gold as much as possible  ;)

I moved into my apartment on Saturday even though we were quite worried for a while whether or not it would be finished in time! It's a brand new building a few blocks from campus, and they were having permit issues at the beginning of August. One of the other grad students graciously let me stay at her place until I could get into mine, but once I was in I didn't want to be anywhere else! It has so much potential! The walls are a light gray, the cabinets black with a pretty granite counter top, and shiny new appliances are scattered about (I have never been more excited to have a full sized dishwasher!

Currently the only furniture I have are two barstools and an air mattress, but the rest are being brought up later this week. Thanks Mom and Dad! I will be sharing bits and pieces as the place comes together, but fair warning that posts may be a bit sporadic this week and next as I get the hang of this routine. I have several posts burning in my heart to share, but schoolwork comes first.

What are you up to this week? Has school started for you yet?


Also, be on the look out next week for the details of The Blog-tember Challenge! I plan to host a link-up with daily prompts for September 1-30th (much like the #blogeverydayinFEB challenge from earlier this year).  At this time, I am taking prompt suggestions! What would YOU like to write/read about next month?

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