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Be You, Bravely: Rachel of Oh Simple Thoughts

Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen! Today Mrs. Rachel Cox joins us for the next edition of Be You Bravely, and this lady is known for making waves! By that I mean you can't swing by Oh Simple Thoughts without instantly becoming hooked to Rachel's sweet voice, great content, and precious pup Piper! I cannot wait for you to hear more about her adventures and to get to know more of her sweet heart. Be sure to drop by Oh Simple Thoughts and say hello!

Who are you, my dear? 
What a challenging question to answer. Who am I? Well I am Rachel Cox. I was born and raised a Georgia peach, but managed to become a Mississippi belle after coming to college at MSU. I graduated from college in 2013, which was also the same year that I married my best friend, Benjamin Caleb, and became a wife. I work part time for a local church plant here in town, and do everything from stepping in to sing on Sundays, to printing coloring sheets for the kiddos...I wear many hats. I also work part time at a bakery called The Biscuit Shop. We make gourmet biscuits, and it is the coolest job ever. Ben is studying to get his PhD in Civil Engineering. We love to use our hands to build and craft together. Nearly every furniture piece in our home was made by Ben, and painted by myself. We enjoy blessing others by having them into our home, and sharing time with them around our table. I thrive when I am in the kitchen, and love challenging myself to learn new things when it comes to food. Most importantly, I am a sinner, that messes up, falls short, and is undeserving of the life I have been given. But, I have been called a child of Jesus Christ by his grace and I am so grateful for the Gospel and how it compels me in life. 

What does it mean to be you, bravely? 
Well I feel as I would categorize myself as a big baby, not someone that is brave. My husband is the brave one, who loves adventure, climbing, and sky diving...he is not afraid, but me, I am always too scared to step out and do those risky things. However I do think that the word brave can be defined differently than just being willing to do scary, and slightly risking tasks...I think it can be defined as the willingness to allow someone else to be in control, or the ability to trust another with your well being. There was a time in my life (and it still rears it's head from time to time) that I was terrified to relinquish control. I had to be the one behind the wheel, calling the shots, or else I would tail spin into panic. However, by the grace of the Lord, and a lot of sanctification I have seen that I am called as a child of the Most High, to be brave in letting go. I have learned that the only way to live as a believer is to to trust fully in the Lord's good hand in my life. It is to trust that his will and plan is better than mine, and that the Lord will carry me through whatever he places in front of me. So to be brave for me is to relinquish control, to trust, and to rest in the authority of Christ rather than my human strength and mind.

If you could have a heart-to-heart with younger you, what would you say? 
I think that I would spend a lot of time telling myself to stop focusing on others so much and take time to dig into my own heart. Stop chasing after affirmation from other people, and rest in the affirmation of the Gospel, you are wanted, desired, and loved by a mighty creator. I would tell myself, that my one day husband is so worth the wait, and that it would be better to just skip all the other relationships and wait for the ultimate one. I would encourage myself to take time to really understand what the Gospel means, and how to be a believer that is characterized by being a servant. 

What is encouraging you this week?
I think the biggest encouragement to me this week has been the Psalms. I find such comfort, and rest in praying and reading the Psalms. I find that I am able to relate so deeply to David, always emotional, always unsure of his surroundings, and always crying out to the Lord for assurance. I get such joy from reading someone so relateable, and real and raw as David was. I find that often when I am unable to find the words to pray, praying a chapter of the book of Psalm can calm my spirit, and articulate the thoughts swimming in my mind in a much better and more deep way than I could myself.

Just for fun, what are 3 must have's? 
Let's see, I would say coffee. I cannot go a single day without one cup, maybe two or three cups of dark roast coffee. I love the stuff so much, and love the community centered around coffee. Also, my Canon Rebel T3i...I use it every single day to capture pictures, and little moments in my day. Whether that is taking pictures of food that I am making or flowers outside or Piper being Piper...I use that camera every day and cannot go without it. Also, this one may seem silly, but the last is lipstick. Anyone that knows me at all will tell you they can count on one hand how many times they have seen me not wearing a bold shade of lipstick. For whatever reason, I cannot go without it. Even when I am in a t shirt, and nike shorts, I slap on some hot pink lipstick before I head out the door. Some of my favorite shades right now, are Maybelline Fuchsia Fever and Coral Craze.

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  1. Loved hearing from you today Rachel! Thank you for sharing your heart and the ways that you are finding security, bravery, and rest in Christ!