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Be You, Bravely: Rachel of Our Yellow Door

Get ready, y'all. This lovely lady was such a sweet surprise this summer and I know you'll soon think the same thing! Today's Be You, Bravely feature is Rachel Nordgren who blogs over at Our Yellow Door. I had the pleasure of participating in her Singleness Series (which is still in session and I highly recommend!) and I was overjoyed when she agreed to share on Brave Love. Get to know her a little better below then hop on over to Our Yellow Door to show her some love!

Who are you, my dear?
I’m Rachel Nordgren…a Jesus-loving, coffee-drinking, simplicity-seeking, belly-laugh-loving, happily-newly-married woman living smack dab in the middle of the country with a super fluffy sweetheart of a dog named Banjo and the cat my husband wanted. My husband’s name is Hans. Clarification - he’s USA born and raised, his family is just really proud of their Swedish heritage. He follows Jesus, works hard, and loves me fiercely.  

What does it mean to be you, bravely?
To bravely be myself, I need to be running after God's approval, not the approval of others. He created me, died for me, conquered death for me, and loves me regardless of my "performance". He knows me intimately, He created me for a purpose, and He is most glorified when I am fulfilling that purpose. In the past, people have tried to fit me into the purposes they had for me, or the purposes they thought I should fulfill. There was no freedom in that, only a lot of disappointment and depression. I cannot live to build the kingdoms of men, but instead the kingdom of God. I've learned to set boundaries with people and to say no when they were calling me to do things that God had not called me to do. 

If you could have a heart-to-heart with younger you, what would you say?
Oh my. I would tell myself is to be seeking after God wholeheartedly, and with a pure heart. As a younger woman, I was positively obsessed with finding a husband. I spent so many years trying to coerce God into giving me a spouse, thinking that my "Good Christian Girl" behavior would earn me the relationship I wanted. Jesus wasn't the first love of my heart, and even worse, I was trying to manipulate Him. YUCK. I would tell my younger self that Jesus is truly better, that He will truly satisfy, and that He will truly provide for all my needs. I would tell myself to focus on my relationship with Him, and forget about a relationship with a man until Jesus decided I was ready. 

What is encouraging you this week?
The knowledge that every new dawn means that God has things for me to learn and accomplish. He's not finished with me yet, and that encourages my heart so much!  

Just for fun, what are 3 must have's?
 - Coffee (sometimes I honestly worry that coffee is an idol in my life...)
- My Binder (it contains my blogging notes + calendar and Lara Casey #PowerSheets)
- Fresh Flowers (they add so much cheer to a space!)

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Didn't you just love Rachel? She is a true gem and I know Our Yellow Door will soon be a favorite of yours, too. Happy Wednesday, y'all!


  1. As if I didn't already love Rachel enough, this post went and made me love her even more! love this series.

  2. I just love Rachel! & I LOVE this series!! So encouraging. It builds me up with each new post. Thank you, sweet friend!

  3. This was very good for my heart to remember. He is not finished with us yet!