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A Weekend in Wacotown

Hello, hello, from Waco! I am back in the capitol of Baylor Nation --according to the newest billboard towering over my beautiful school-- and loving every minute of it.  Last Friday I packed my bags and made the familiar drive to Wacotown. Y'all, this city is hoppin'! It has changed so much and is really on the map. Thanks to Baylor's rising fame (aka a Heisman trophy winner and Big XII championship, among other things), it is no longer just a pit stop for lunch on the way to Austin. It is the home of HGTV's latest hit Fixer Upper and holds much of my heart. I couldn't wait to pop down and see my friends :)

I got into town around  Friday midday and met up with my old roommate and sweet friend, Alyssa. We went downtown to one of the new food trucks where another former roommate of mine works; it's called Club Sandwich but it serves tacos and is run by a hilarious Asian man. Check it out if you're in town! I was also positively melting from the heat so we camped out at Common Grounds for a study break/blogging session and Arnold Palmers. 

Earlier I mentioned the new show Fixer Upper, a HGTV hit based in Waco, run by a couple who goes to my old church. She has a blog, The Magnolia Mom, as well as a shop here in town. If only I was buying a home and had change to spare. Maybe someday! Alyssa and I swung by the shop and I wanted everything! I especially loved their tables cape with the greenery and mini chalkboards. You may see those again ;) For now, I will gladly wait until I am in my new place. I have no idea what will actually fit (or what's hiding in my storage room).

Saturday morning was the farmers market, and it has BLOWN UP since last year! We spotted Baylor president and legend Ken Starr, made the rounds to see everything available, and ended up at Co-Town Crepes. Strawberry and nutella always hits the spot. Spending time with Lyss and Kristen is always a treat, and I wish I lived just up stairs again. We were in Lifegroup together for three years and roommates for one. Can't I take them to OSU with me?

The highlight? Baby goats! One of the vendors had two baby goats for sale and they were ADORABLE. They bleated and I swooned, and when I held this little one he snuggled into my chest and I never wanted to let go. Isn't he precious??

A stop in Waco wouldn't be complete without a trip to Roots and Spice Village. If you're craving the Anthro vibe, Roots is the place to be. They have a great green and gold section (sic 'em bears!), cute clothes, and nifty kitchen gadgets. The prices beat Anthropologie and it's much more convenient than the two hour drive. 

Above are just a few bits and bobs from Roots. I'm always drawn to pretty cookbooks even though I rarely cook myself. After a trip to Roots, I met up with Trey for lunch and Nate for dinner. Waco summers are funny, either chock full of activity or absolutely deserted. I was so glad to catch up with great friends while I was here. They are the definition of refreshing.

Sunday meant the 10:00 service at Antioch Community Church (home sweet home!) followed by a trip to Ikea with Courtney. My wish list is ever-growing but I restricted myself to a small gold frame for one of Lara Casey's desk prints. It's the perfect size. Ikea is easy to get lost in, so I'm always glad to have company. Court is one of the funniest people I know and I'm so proud of her! She's going places, let me tell ya. 

The afternoon came to an end and I headed back up to Waco in time for a much needed nap before dinner. Alyssa, Kristen, Nate and I went to Cracker Barrel for an early birthday celebration (it's this Wednesday!) and we finished the meal with quality time in the front porch rockers and a game of checkers.  A relaxed evening was just what I needed.

Today I've got breakfast and coffee dates with a few Waco favorites before making my way back home. This little town is one that will always feel like home, and I know I'll be back soon. If you've never been, put it on your list. The capitol of Baylor Nation sure is a beauty.

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  1. I have stayed up way past a reasonable hour watching Fixer Upper reruns. Joanna has such a simple and elegant style aesthetic that I want to copy in my apartmen. As for Waco, I'll have to explore the city more when I'm headed back to Austin for school this fall!

  2. Loved hearing about your weekend! And Roots and Spice Village looks adorable! :)