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Making June Happen

Is it just me or have the days been going by faster and faster since the year began? It's summer! Careful or I'll burst out into song and pretend to be a miniature dancing snowman from Frozen. Well, I might do that anyway ;) This month is my last month in Seattle, and it is already chock full of things to do. Peter Pan comes to an end in two weeks with its final performances, and this is my last week at Anthropologie. There is organizing and packing to be done, my bucket list to be tackled, and time to be spent with friends. 

In all honestly, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Things to do, places to be, people to connect with. Both things I want to and have to do, places I want to and have to be, and people I want to and have to connect with before I go. Sometimes I think it would be easier to drop everything today, hop in the car, and start the drive. But I'm not that person and that's not the way things are going to go. I want to lean in to this month and invest, even when in the moment I'd rather retreat.  To do that, I have to keep things simple. Intentional. Make goals and keep them. Time for a fresh start, right?

June Goals:
Make time with Jesus a priority. This is a must, and it needs to be my #1 priority. When the sand starts shifting under my feet, it's because I haven't been spending time with Him or in the Word. It changes everything.
Commit to Peter Pan and finish strong. I want this show to be my best and to go out with a bang. Yes, there is plenty of grunt work to be done, e-mails to send, and sets to be painted. But it will still be a blast if I have anything to do with it!
Keep up with The Daniel Plan. 40 days of healthy? I'm in.
Make progress on Project Life. The Single Girl's Guide to Project Life coming soon! Well, not just for single gals. PL is largely used by moms to keep a family scrapbook, but I've found that you don't have to have kids to keep pretty memories.
Get rid of the excess. I've got a date on the calendar for my Seattle gals to shop the boxes of clothes and decor that won't be going back to Texas with me. Looking forward to cleaning out the clutter.
Change addresses as needed (home & e-mail). A necessary evil that comes with moving.
Brainstorm the new dreams. I'm really excited about this one and I'll keep you posted ;)

And now for a look back at last month. The best thing to keep in mind: progress not perfection.

May Goals:
Make time with Jesus in the morning a priority. I feel funny putting this down like it needs to be checked off each morning as something on a to-do list, but the fact that my to-do list typically accurately portrays my priorities, I need to physically write it at the top. Last month was not perfect, but it's not about a religious red check mark, its about a relationship. I have learned so much, even in this past weekend, and I'm excited for what's to come! 
Make significant process on Project Life & BLOG about it! Progress? YES! Blog? Not so much. But there is a short series in the works for all of you who have been asking. 
Catch up on One Little Word 2014 prompts. Eh... we'll get to this one later.
NO eating out except for post-church lunches. Not even going to go here. Womp womp.
NO TARGET RUNS. HOORAH! The month long hiatus from the glorious land of Target is over! Now this was intended to curb my spending, but I managed to find places to do it elsewhere. Even so, I learned a lot and have a plan for the coming months. It's probably a good thing there is no Target in sight at OSU. Or even within an hour's drive.
Participate in the She Reads Truth Nehemiah Study. I got a little bit behind, but I absolutely loved the study packet and following along on the instagram hashtag. SRT is a great little community, growing by the day!
Write in the 1000 Gifts Journal nightly. I found so much joy in this! My goal was to write 3 things before bed each night but the list just kept coming! Thankfulness really changes everything.
Be in bed by 10:30pm during the week. Eh. This was almost... kind of... successful. I was in bed earlier than usual? Does that count?
Get my car fixed for the move. YES! I have been putting this off since the end of March. But everything is taken care of and ready to go as of Saturday.
Read for fun (and introduce the Brave Love Book Club).  Another win! A Million Little Ways and Bridge to Haven were excellent! You'll hear about the former with the next Brave Love Book Club update later this week, and the latter... I have great plans of reading it again in the near future!

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  1. I love what you said about scrapbooking! YES! Cataloging memories is important for all stages of life. Annnnndddd, on the subject of kiddos.. one day yours will be so excited to look through what your life was like after you graduated college. I think that is so sweet!

    1. Thanks girl! I forgot how addicting it was though! All those pretty papers and embellishments.... I can't wait to move to a town without a Michael's crafts. Oh wait, there's a Hobby Lobby right across from campus ;)

  2. I'm loving that you mentioned "get rid of excess" and I just love the sentence "brainstorm the new dreams." I think that sentence really applies to my life right now in whatever sense it means to you or anyone else. Good luck with your goals, Bailey Jean. I'm so excited for upcoming posts and I'm glad you liked A Million Little Ways. It was such a good book! I'll need to look up Bridge to Haven now. Can't wait to see how the book club goes! :) Happy June!

    xo, gina

    1. I'm so glad you loved it! Emily has a way with words :) I can't wait to see where your dreams take you and what the Lord does in your life this summer.

  3. You have such a fun adventure ahead and it looks like you are doing everything right making sure you are appreciating the time you have left in Seattle and the new journey ahead. :) Good luck with everything!!

  4. I'm in the middle of getting rid of things I don't need, and it's such a good feeling!

    1. Isn't it though?! Clearing the clutter is so freeing!