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Be You, Bravely: Kate Monroe

Ordinarily I would not call myself a brave person. Ordinarily I would call myself a safe person. I assess, I plan, I stay in my comfort zone for as long as possible, and I try not to step on too many toes in the process. Several months ago my blog went through a change from Anchored in Love Divine to Brave Love. It was then that I knew the kinds of stories I wanted to tell and life I wanted to live. I shared about what I thought brave love meant, and it's been stirring inside of me ever since.
When it comes to my definition of Brave Love, especially when it is concerned with this blog, brave love is embracing your definition of femininity and using that uniqueness to encourage and empower the gifts and passions of others. Brave love is sharing the deepest parts of me and loving the deepest parts of you. Brave love is seeking Jesus first and sharing the journey. Brave love is messy but sweet and oh so worth it. Brave love is Jesus. 
There are so many wonderful women out there who are living brave love whether they know it or not. I have been blessed to find, look up to, and meet many a brave woman since beginning my blogging journey. This summer I hope to introduce you to a handful who have generously agreed to share their stories. These women are unique, beautiful, and brave, willing to follow the Lord's lead and to embrace who He created them to be. Today we meet Kate, and she is such a delight! You'll see ;)
Who are you, my dear?
A logic driven, redeemed by grace, seeker of love. // Cop, turned wedding photographer, turned future counselor who is aiming to inspire, strengthen and cultivate marriages. // Snippets of my life can be found at http://www.katemonroe.com and http://www.instagram.com/katemonroe

What does it mean to be you, bravely?
I think there are so many definitions and perspectives of what it means to be brave. As someone who is fiercely independent and been in dangerous situations numerous times, I think for me, the bravest thing I've done is embraced my vulnerabilities. Opening myself and my heart to the world. Telling my story, my weaknesses, my mistakes is scary. I've been so much more enriched by sharing myself and allowing myself to be vulnerable, than I ever was by putting on a uniform, 15 pounds of gear and trying to save the world. Be proud of you who are, rather than focusing on the things you do. Be you, bravely.

If you could have a heart-to-heart with younger you, what would you say?
Having a 20 year plan is an amazing thing, but God has so much more in store for you. Bigger things than you ever dreamed will come, things that are the complete opposite of that 20 year plan you made. And all of those mistakes that you make, all the regrets you have, they don't determine your worth... the path you're on, including the things you regret, are being used for a larger purpose.

What is encouraging you this week?
The small (and sometimes big) signs from God that I am right where He wants me to be. After making such logical life choices for so many years I've finally decided to open myself up to other options and paths, leaving space for God to lead me and trusting Him rather than fighting it with the "but what if I fail/how will we pay the bills/what if everyone thinks it's a dumb idea" anxiety.

Just for fun, what are 3 must have's?
·      My paper planner (I currently use the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley and love it!): I had a slight obsession with everything Franklin Covey throughout high school. I tried to use a calendar on my iPhone several years ago, but it just didn't work for me.
·      My phone: As much as I try to avoid technology and all the distractions that come with it, my communication with my husband would be cut severely short without our phones. We have opposite schedules and often go days without being able to have a conversation so being able to text gives me the opportunity to tell him "I love you, be safe, good night" before bed every day and it allows him to let me know when he's getting off work late so I don't wake up at 7-8am freaked out because he's not home.

·      A cup of tea and a candle: Most people need coffee in the morning, I am not one of those people. I love relaxing, quiet mornings and a cup of hot tea (mint preferably) and a lit candle (Volcano candle from Anthro is my favorite) is essential for me. My introverted self thrives on those quiet moments with my Bible to start my day.

Like I said, what a gal! Thanks for sharing, Kate, and you should all check out her new site & blog. It's just as lovely as she is. Stay tuned for more stories from "Be You, Bravely" in the weeks to come.
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  1. I recently found her on instagram and have been loving her blog lately!


  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing this Bailey!
    Looking forward to ALL the posts in this series!
    And, it was so awesome to read your definition of Brave Love....I just love your heart and vision for this space.