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Be You, Bravely: Chelsea of Live Free Be Fit

It's funny how life works. Actually, funny isn't the right word. I'd say lovely is more like it! The next lady I am introducing you to in the Be You, Bravely series is Mrs. Chelsea Dameron. We first met in Madame Pierce's French class and it was by the grace of God that a friend was made and I didn't fail. (French was a struuuuuuggle, let me tell ya!) Anywho, I have been blessed to become blogging buddies with this gal, more so now that we are states apart than when we sat inches away from one another. Chelsea is a true gem and her journey is so inspiring! She encourages me to be a woman of God who seeks to live a whole and healthy life, and I'm sure she will do the same for you!
How did I get here?
A culmination of commercials, criticisms, and comparison- I have landed at this:
I am not content in my own skin.

It has been a lifelong journey of up’s and downs when it comes to body image.
 When I was ten a dress for my mothers wedding pointed me to my first diet. Ten!
From there on in I had a love hate relationship with my body.

Poor sweet body, I have not been good to you.
I have allowed a number on a tag dictate how much, how often, and what kind of food I put into you. I have listened to magazines and movie stars instead of listening to you and giving you what you need to thrive. I have starved and stuffed you. I have over and under exercised you. Punished you. I have taken you for granted and neglected to be grateful for the gift you are.

Bottom line: I have spent a very long time not appreciating my body. I have allowed it to imprison me instead of fueling it to free me to run the race set before me.

God made us uniquely. He crafted us, carved us, and planted curves on us in all the right places. He designed us to run free in beauty and confidence. He created us to be delighted in and reflect his glory! These bodies are a gift. Not something we need to take into our own hands and chip away at.

Yet, almost daily, I look in the mirror and find some discontentment. Some curve I am just positive shouldn’t be there.

I am tired of it.
I really am.

Our God is the Master of Wholeness. His desire for us is life! Not just life, but ABUNDANT life. Doesn’t that sound sweet? Abundant. Whole. Life.

After a rather untimely, public meltdown in the university gym after stepping on a scale, I decided it had to stop. All the self-hatred motivated workouts. All the fad diets and looking at models to set the standard of health and beauty.  All the expended emotional distress when I find out I am not where I think I “should be” on the scale.

It had to stop.
It was robbing me of my life in exchange for a shallow imitation of someone else’s.
That isn’t abundance. That’s fraud and ungratefulness. That is not who I am.

So I began seeking wholeness: whole foods and a whole heart. A life of risk and balance and hard earned sweat. I learned discipline and consistency were key to a good workout regime. I starting speaking biblical truth over myself and trying to get strong instead of skinny.

And you know what? I am stronger than I thought! And more secure just being me than I ever was trying to be someone else! And I was free the WHOLE time.

Freedom isn’t something you earn. It is a gift given by God. You are free no matter what season or size you are in.
You just have to shake off the open shackles of insecurity, comparison, fear, greed, etc. and ENJOY IT!

Live your life free and abundantly! You were made for it! Your body was made to be an instrument for you run free and live abundantly!

 Are you treating it like that? Are you speaking truth over yourself?
I am secure. I am loved. I am wanted. I am beautiful.
 You are too!   

I invite you to join in my journey to FREE & FIT over at my blog

And follow me on Instagram!
Really though, check her out! She is a consistent source of encouragement and inspiration, and we need more Chelsea's in this world. I can't wait to be one state away from you, friend! You're going big places and I want to be along for the ride! ;)

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  1. Loved reading this. Something that so very many of us women can relate to in some way or another!
    Thanks for another great entry in this series! I can't wait to check out Chelsea's blog!

  2. Great post! Thank you for sharing, Chelsea, and thanks for hosting, Bailey!

  3. Ahh, what a breath of fresh air!! I love this line - "You are free no matter what season or size you are in." What truth, that freedom is found in God, not in a size or a number.

    Thank you for the encouragement, Bailey and Chelsea!

  4. Wow! What a lovely post! I definitely agree with what someone said above- "you are free no matter what season or size you are in". Such an encouragement for all different seasons of life! Thank you so much for sharing with us!!
    Rebecca :)