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A Slice of Seattle Summertime

This time next week I will be in Texas. I think I need to say it again. This time next week I will be in Texas.  The big move is just around the corner, and if I'm being honest I'd say it still doesn't feel real. This entire year has flown by in a blur. One day I'm graduating from Baylor, the next (well, a few days later) I'm boarding a plane for Seattle. One big change after the next, and this year it is no different. One day I will be in the Emerald City, and the next I will be sipping sweet tea with my family in the lone star state. That's what time does, it flies. It zips in one window and out the other in the blink of an eye. 

Things have been quiet here on the blog-front and it may be that way for the next week or so as I make the most of my time left in Seattle and prep for the cross-country move. If you've been following on Instagram you might have caught a few last-stitch efforts to knock off parts of my bucket list. Not everything will be taken care of, but a few is better than none!

Yesterday, I played tourist in this lovely city and visited the Space Needle with my boss and her little girls. We wandered the grounds, took the elevator to the top, and enjoyed the breeze on the observation deck. Seattle really is gorgeous! I'm going to miss being surrounded by all the water, towering green trees, and sprawling mountains on either side of the city. 

Last weekend a group of us went adventuring down town. We wandered the market, browsed the vendors, and semi-spontaneously decided to take the ferry to Bainbridge. Of course while we were at it, Luis and I had to revisit the famous gum wall (it's totally disgusting, let me tell ya... whose idea was it to begin with?). We snapped a similar shot last spring on my first visit to the city, and it has been a blast having this guy in town this spring! 

My final show came to a close two weeks ago and many tears were shed. I'm not kidding, even my students sobbed during the cast party. They recovered for a brief moment to run after the cake, but minutes later the tears rolled. And they rolled. And they kept rolling for the duration of the party. It was so sweet and so sad! I'm sure going to miss them. When I came back to the school on Monday to pick up the set pieces, they came running to hug me and presented me with a signed poster. Aren't they sweet?

My spectacular friends came to support me and my show, and it meant the world to me! I want to put them in my suitcase and carry them with me to school in the fall. (And yes, Whitney and I matched almost perfectly!) 

Amidst the chaos, there has been time to relax. Both of my jobs have come to an end, leaving me with more time to rest, pack, and spend time with friends before I go. Bonfires on the beach, church BBQ's, walks around the lake, these are the times I am savoring. This transition is going to be big, HUGE, and very different than the last one. I don't entirely know what it is going to look like or what it will hold, but I am 100% sure that God is good and He will provide. He did it last time and He will again. 

Part of this whole resting and reflecting process sent me back into old journals and old blog posts from days gone by. I stumbled upon a dozen photos from my graduation party and the prayer requests I shared before leaving. Each one was beautifully answered in a way only the Creator of the universe could have answered them. These are the same prayers I am pointing toward the move to Texas and then on to Oklahoma State University. 

1. Grace in transition. One season of my life is coming to an end and another is beginning. Please pray for peace and grace to embrace where I'm at, enjoy today, and trust God with tomorrow. He has provided in the past and will provide in the future, and I know this door is one He's opened for me.

2. Deep friendships & community. Being surrounded by a positive, uplifting, encouraging community of friends and mentors has made all the difference these past four years in my time in Seattle. I'm moving to a city where I know so few people no one and I am having to start from square one. Please pray that the friendships I find will be solid and encouraging, and sooner rather than later. I believe God answers even the smallest and most specific prayers, and I'm asking for deep friendships this summer next year.

3. Clarity of dreams & passions. I firmly believe this next year (and beyond!) are meant to be a time to find which dream He's given me that He wants me to chase. There are so many things I'm passionate about and want to pursue, but they head in every different direction. Some of them seem to run the same course, but I want to go after the one He wants for me. Please pray for continued surrender of my dreams and the courage to run hard after whichever one will bring Him most glory and follow His plan.

Will you pray with me? I am blessed beyond belief by this blogging community, and my support system of sister-hearts is something I know the Lord will use in this time to encourage my walk down this new path. I'm so thankful for YOU, friend!
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  1. Seattle looks like a really nice place to visit. I've seen so many pictures can't wait to go some day.

    1. You have to see it in the summertime! It is gorgeous! And in my opinion it is lovely on the gray days as well :)

  2. Good luck with the big move! I'll be back in Texas on break in a few weeks too! We should catch up. :)

    1. I would love that, Jenny! Can't wait to hear about your London adventures!

  3. I know the exact feeling--we're headed out on a big move in 3 weeks and it doesn't feel real yet!

    1. Crazy, right? I'm such a post-processor that it probably won't feel real for a few weeks after I'm there. Good luck with your move!