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100 Happy Days (Part 3)

Finding the happy moments from each day has made such a difference! I still Instagram as much as I used to, but it has changed my perspective. And I can't believe I'm 80+ days in to the 100 Happy Days Challenge! To read more about it, go here. Speaking of today's happy day, tonight is the final performance of Peter Pan! Opening night went so well (except for the moment when half the set came crashing down -YIKES!- but my smart little actors set it right).  I'm sure going to miss these kids.

51. A bright inspiration board to get the day going.
52. The She Reads Truth Nehemiah study.
53. My 1000 gifts journal is nearly half full!
54. Lifegroup had a field day complete with red rover and freeze tag. What a night!
55. I was feeling very nauticle/patriotic after a long shift at Anthro.
56. The Daniel Plan is off to a struggling start!
57. Oh, Chipotle. I love retreating there for lunch between jobs to catch up on reading.
58. A lovely lunch makes for a lovely afternoon.
59. Taking Project Life from 12x12 to 6x8 has made all the difference! I love it!
60. Sometimes being a children's theatre director means swords go with you to discipleship. Oops.
61. The lake near my house is stunning in every season.
62. A semi-spontaneous trip to Portland was just what I needed! And this waterfall? Amazing?
63. The sweet ones I nanny are obsessed with Paw Patrol. And it's actually not that bad ;)
64. A quick jaunt to the farmer's market with the little one ended with a delightful strawberry nutella crepe.
65. The weather was lovely enough for an outdoor lunch during work.
66. If you haven't listened to "You Make Me Brave" by Bethel, you should. Right now.
67. Bonfires on the beach? Yes please?
68. The Graham Cooke conference was everything I expected it to be and more!
69. A group of artists from Mosaic put together an evening of presentation and performance. What a night!
70. Camping out at a coffee shop to journal is one of my favorite things.
71. A month without Target came to an end on June 1st. Woo!
72. Rehearsals were in full swing for Peter Pan, finally on our stage!
73. Oh you know, filling my clown car with every prop under the sun.
74. A favorite pair of sunglasses and my last day at Anthro, woo!
75. A chocolate shake from Jack in the Box is no Sonic happy hour, but it hits the spot.
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  1. I love love love chipotle. I don't know how, I surprise myself every time. But somehow I manage to eat one of their ENTIRE burritos. So bad....but so good!

    P.s didn't realize until know that you have my blog button up! How sweet! I will have to get you on my blog as well!


  2. Thank you so much for posting about the 100 Happy Days Challenge! I'm really struggling with finding joy everyday while going through so much emotionally so I'm really looking forward to this challenge :)

  3. Loving all your pictures! I should start this challenge to remind myself that I need to find happiness in the little things.