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A Slice of Seattle Summertime

This time next week I will be in Texas. I think I need to say it again. This time next week I will be in Texas.  The big move is just around the corner, and if I'm being honest I'd say it still doesn't feel real. This entire year has flown by in a blur. One day I'm graduating from Baylor, the next (well, a few days later) I'm boarding a plane for Seattle. One big change after the next, and this year it is no different. One day I will be in the Emerald City, and the next I will be sipping sweet tea with my family in the lone star state. That's what time does, it flies. It zips in one window and out the other in the blink of an eye. 

Things have been quiet here on the blog-front and it may be that way for the next week or so as I make the most of my time left in Seattle and prep for the cross-country move. If you've been following on Instagram you might have caught a few last-stitch efforts to knock off parts of my bucket list. Not everything will be taken care of, but a few is better than none!

Yesterday, I played tourist in this lovely city and visited the Space Needle with my boss and her little girls. We wandered the grounds, took the elevator to the top, and enjoyed the breeze on the observation deck. Seattle really is gorgeous! I'm going to miss being surrounded by all the water, towering green trees, and sprawling mountains on either side of the city. 

Last weekend a group of us went adventuring down town. We wandered the market, browsed the vendors, and semi-spontaneously decided to take the ferry to Bainbridge. Of course while we were at it, Luis and I had to revisit the famous gum wall (it's totally disgusting, let me tell ya... whose idea was it to begin with?). We snapped a similar shot last spring on my first visit to the city, and it has been a blast having this guy in town this spring! 

My final show came to a close two weeks ago and many tears were shed. I'm not kidding, even my students sobbed during the cast party. They recovered for a brief moment to run after the cake, but minutes later the tears rolled. And they rolled. And they kept rolling for the duration of the party. It was so sweet and so sad! I'm sure going to miss them. When I came back to the school on Monday to pick up the set pieces, they came running to hug me and presented me with a signed poster. Aren't they sweet?

My spectacular friends came to support me and my show, and it meant the world to me! I want to put them in my suitcase and carry them with me to school in the fall. (And yes, Whitney and I matched almost perfectly!) 

Amidst the chaos, there has been time to relax. Both of my jobs have come to an end, leaving me with more time to rest, pack, and spend time with friends before I go. Bonfires on the beach, church BBQ's, walks around the lake, these are the times I am savoring. This transition is going to be big, HUGE, and very different than the last one. I don't entirely know what it is going to look like or what it will hold, but I am 100% sure that God is good and He will provide. He did it last time and He will again. 

Part of this whole resting and reflecting process sent me back into old journals and old blog posts from days gone by. I stumbled upon a dozen photos from my graduation party and the prayer requests I shared before leaving. Each one was beautifully answered in a way only the Creator of the universe could have answered them. These are the same prayers I am pointing toward the move to Texas and then on to Oklahoma State University. 

1. Grace in transition. One season of my life is coming to an end and another is beginning. Please pray for peace and grace to embrace where I'm at, enjoy today, and trust God with tomorrow. He has provided in the past and will provide in the future, and I know this door is one He's opened for me.

2. Deep friendships & community. Being surrounded by a positive, uplifting, encouraging community of friends and mentors has made all the difference these past four years in my time in Seattle. I'm moving to a city where I know so few people no one and I am having to start from square one. Please pray that the friendships I find will be solid and encouraging, and sooner rather than later. I believe God answers even the smallest and most specific prayers, and I'm asking for deep friendships this summer next year.

3. Clarity of dreams & passions. I firmly believe this next year (and beyond!) are meant to be a time to find which dream He's given me that He wants me to chase. There are so many things I'm passionate about and want to pursue, but they head in every different direction. Some of them seem to run the same course, but I want to go after the one He wants for me. Please pray for continued surrender of my dreams and the courage to run hard after whichever one will bring Him most glory and follow His plan.

Will you pray with me? I am blessed beyond belief by this blogging community, and my support system of sister-hearts is something I know the Lord will use in this time to encourage my walk down this new path. I'm so thankful for YOU, friend!
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Currently in Joyful June

...reading A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman, finishing last month's book club read, and Embracing the Love God Wants You to Have by Taffi Dollar.

...watching season 7 of Grey's Anatomy. I've been re-watching the series and I love it just as much as the first time through. Something's got to hold me over until the next seasons of Grey's, Chicago P.D. and Once Upon a Time return!

...trying to finish strong. I have 1.5 weeks left in Seattle and I want to make the most of them

...eating nothing at the moment. This weekend was full of sweets and celebrations, so I'm taking a break.

...pinning apartment inspiration and Project Life spreads. The two things most continuously on my mind.

...tweeting about some very fun giveaways! Check out my twitter @baileyjrobert.

...going a little stir crazy. However I do know that rest is much needed and I'm learning to embrace it!

...loving having mornings all to myself. With no more opening shifts at Anthro, I get to sleep in, jog the lake, and spend time blogging/reading before the day really begins. It is quite nice, I must say.

...discovering that new habits are hard to make but so worth it. 

...enjoying sweet time with friends. I am really going to miss this crew when I move! Can't I smuggle them all into my suitcase and take them with me?

...thinking about all the incredible things God has done this year. So many answered prayers, adventures, and incredible experiences! 

...feeling pretty tired/sore. I have had severe lower back pain for several weeks and finally saw the doctor last Friday. I am so thankful for an easy-going Monday and for muscle relaxers to ease the pain.

...hoping for a peaceful transition. My world is changing oh-so-soon and I know God will be faithful.

...listening to James Vincent McMorrow. If you don't know him, you should.

...thanking God for the hundreds of little gifts. My gratitude journal is halfway full and I love re-reading it!

...starting to realize how close the big move is. It hit me yesterday at church for the first time and I was a mess of tears.

Your turn! What are you up to this week? Plans, adventures, priorities? I'd love to know!

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Be You, Bravely: Nicole of Bloom the Blog

Here we go, everyone. Be You, Bravely is back in session. This week I have the joy of introducing you to a sweet gal and fellow blogger Nicole. Many of you may already know and follow her, and you'd know what a treat it's been to watch as she's followed the Lord's leading in her life and marriage. But I'll stop talking now and let her share more of her heart below. Enjoy!

Hey, y’all!  I’m Nicole I blog over at bloom.  It’s crazy to say that I’ve been a blogger for going on four years now, but I firmly believe that my time here on the internet has been absolutely ordained by God.  I love that even the “small things” aren’t small to the Lord.  If I would have know four years ago how He would use this blog, the friendships I would form, and the passion I would have... I would have run.  I probably would have stopped, if I’b being completely honest.  But, let’s back up.

My husband, Ty, and me from our first anniversary shoot by Jon Sharman Photography

Hi, I’m Nicole.  I thought I had my life all figured out and tied with a pretty bow.  I thought I knew exactly what God would have me do and I knew exactly when He would want me to do it.  I would go to college and get my elementary education degree.  I would graduate and get married.  I would teach little babies for all my life while raising my own.  I would do the same thing, everyday, for the rest of my life and I would love it.  You see, I have always been predictable.  In the box.  I knew when I was 8 years old that I would be a  teacher and nothing else.  So I grew up, went to college, and went to school for just that.  Meanwhile, I was obsessed with having a camera in my hand.  From a young high school age, I always had a camera in my hand and it was the summer of 2008 when I bought my first DSLR off of Ebay.  I was obsessed.  I started following wedding photography blogs and pouring over hundreds of photos a day.  My freshmen year of college I started following the photographers that would be our wedding photographers 4 years later.  As much as I loved having a camera in my hand, I knew that wasn’t “real life”.  I couldn’t actually pursue anything like that.  Not me!  That’s not safe!  

The further I got in my program and the closer I got to graduation, something didn’t feel right.  By the time graduation came and I had a degree in elementary education... I knew I wouldn’t use it for the rest of my life like I had planned.  All of a sudden, the Lord seemed to drop videography out of the sky and into the newlywed Cole home.  It came out of left field.  It happened without us even thinking about it, really.  Like God was going to do it whether we decided to go along with it or not.  Now, we’re full on wedding videographers with our company, 314 Productions.  Ty still has his day job, and I will now step down from being a teacher to working at my school as a librarian.  This is absolutely not the life I had all figured out and tied with a pretty bow.

What does it mean to be you, bravely? What a question.  I’ve never thought of myself as brave.  I’ve never really gone out on a limb or been adventurous or done something wild.  But, God has changed that oh, so much.  Now, I know that to be brave doesn’t mean that I don’t count the costs or think things through.  Being brave means that I trust the Lord’s plans even when I don’t understand them.  Being brave is trusting the Lord with my dreams and passions and allowing Him to use them in my life for His glory.  Being brave is embracing dreams that are His.  Friends, being brave is such a sweet thing when you do it with the Lord.  There have been days and weeks when I’ve tried to do it all on my own.  Then the Lord reminds me that this isn’t mine.  Everything that I have came from Him and it is for Him.  I’m not here to brag about my bravery or to have you proud of my accomplishments.  I am here to tell you to trust in the Lord and do His will.  Even if you don’t know how it will end up.

If I could have a heart to heart with a younger version of myself, I would probably make her cry.  I would give her a big hug and tell her to stop making God so small.  Stop stuffing Him in a box.  I would tell her that she needs to trust.  Trust big.  This week I am encouraged by how the Lord still loves me and pursues me through my failures.  Believe me, I have seen my failures and my sinfulness more since starting this business than ever before.  Jesus is so good and so loving yet so challenging, too.  So thankful that He doesn’t just leave us where we are.  He pushes us on, He pushes us closer to Him. 

I am so thankful for sweet Bailey and the way I see her following the Lord’s will for her so boldly.  I know it doesn’t come without fear or struggle, but I am so encouraged by her willingness.  Y’all have a good one here at Brave Love.  :)  Thanks for having me, friends.  Be you, trust the Lord, do His will... bravely. 

Isn't she spectacular? Thanks so much for sharing, Nicole! Enjoy your summer and I cannot wait to see more of 314's videos. Let's go check them out, shall we?

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100 Happy Days (Part 3)

Finding the happy moments from each day has made such a difference! I still Instagram as much as I used to, but it has changed my perspective. And I can't believe I'm 80+ days in to the 100 Happy Days Challenge! To read more about it, go here. Speaking of today's happy day, tonight is the final performance of Peter Pan! Opening night went so well (except for the moment when half the set came crashing down -YIKES!- but my smart little actors set it right).  I'm sure going to miss these kids.

51. A bright inspiration board to get the day going.
52. The She Reads Truth Nehemiah study.
53. My 1000 gifts journal is nearly half full!
54. Lifegroup had a field day complete with red rover and freeze tag. What a night!
55. I was feeling very nauticle/patriotic after a long shift at Anthro.
56. The Daniel Plan is off to a struggling start!
57. Oh, Chipotle. I love retreating there for lunch between jobs to catch up on reading.
58. A lovely lunch makes for a lovely afternoon.
59. Taking Project Life from 12x12 to 6x8 has made all the difference! I love it!
60. Sometimes being a children's theatre director means swords go with you to discipleship. Oops.
61. The lake near my house is stunning in every season.
62. A semi-spontaneous trip to Portland was just what I needed! And this waterfall? Amazing?
63. The sweet ones I nanny are obsessed with Paw Patrol. And it's actually not that bad ;)
64. A quick jaunt to the farmer's market with the little one ended with a delightful strawberry nutella crepe.
65. The weather was lovely enough for an outdoor lunch during work.
66. If you haven't listened to "You Make Me Brave" by Bethel, you should. Right now.
67. Bonfires on the beach? Yes please?
68. The Graham Cooke conference was everything I expected it to be and more!
69. A group of artists from Mosaic put together an evening of presentation and performance. What a night!
70. Camping out at a coffee shop to journal is one of my favorite things.
71. A month without Target came to an end on June 1st. Woo!
72. Rehearsals were in full swing for Peter Pan, finally on our stage!
73. Oh you know, filling my clown car with every prop under the sun.
74. A favorite pair of sunglasses and my last day at Anthro, woo!
75. A chocolate shake from Jack in the Box is no Sonic happy hour, but it hits the spot.
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Be You, Bravely: Chelsea of Live Free Be Fit

It's funny how life works. Actually, funny isn't the right word. I'd say lovely is more like it! The next lady I am introducing you to in the Be You, Bravely series is Mrs. Chelsea Dameron. We first met in Madame Pierce's French class and it was by the grace of God that a friend was made and I didn't fail. (French was a struuuuuuggle, let me tell ya!) Anywho, I have been blessed to become blogging buddies with this gal, more so now that we are states apart than when we sat inches away from one another. Chelsea is a true gem and her journey is so inspiring! She encourages me to be a woman of God who seeks to live a whole and healthy life, and I'm sure she will do the same for you!
How did I get here?
A culmination of commercials, criticisms, and comparison- I have landed at this:
I am not content in my own skin.

It has been a lifelong journey of up’s and downs when it comes to body image.
 When I was ten a dress for my mothers wedding pointed me to my first diet. Ten!
From there on in I had a love hate relationship with my body.

Poor sweet body, I have not been good to you.
I have allowed a number on a tag dictate how much, how often, and what kind of food I put into you. I have listened to magazines and movie stars instead of listening to you and giving you what you need to thrive. I have starved and stuffed you. I have over and under exercised you. Punished you. I have taken you for granted and neglected to be grateful for the gift you are.

Bottom line: I have spent a very long time not appreciating my body. I have allowed it to imprison me instead of fueling it to free me to run the race set before me.

God made us uniquely. He crafted us, carved us, and planted curves on us in all the right places. He designed us to run free in beauty and confidence. He created us to be delighted in and reflect his glory! These bodies are a gift. Not something we need to take into our own hands and chip away at.

Yet, almost daily, I look in the mirror and find some discontentment. Some curve I am just positive shouldn’t be there.

I am tired of it.
I really am.

Our God is the Master of Wholeness. His desire for us is life! Not just life, but ABUNDANT life. Doesn’t that sound sweet? Abundant. Whole. Life.

After a rather untimely, public meltdown in the university gym after stepping on a scale, I decided it had to stop. All the self-hatred motivated workouts. All the fad diets and looking at models to set the standard of health and beauty.  All the expended emotional distress when I find out I am not where I think I “should be” on the scale.

It had to stop.
It was robbing me of my life in exchange for a shallow imitation of someone else’s.
That isn’t abundance. That’s fraud and ungratefulness. That is not who I am.

So I began seeking wholeness: whole foods and a whole heart. A life of risk and balance and hard earned sweat. I learned discipline and consistency were key to a good workout regime. I starting speaking biblical truth over myself and trying to get strong instead of skinny.

And you know what? I am stronger than I thought! And more secure just being me than I ever was trying to be someone else! And I was free the WHOLE time.

Freedom isn’t something you earn. It is a gift given by God. You are free no matter what season or size you are in.
You just have to shake off the open shackles of insecurity, comparison, fear, greed, etc. and ENJOY IT!

Live your life free and abundantly! You were made for it! Your body was made to be an instrument for you run free and live abundantly!

 Are you treating it like that? Are you speaking truth over yourself?
I am secure. I am loved. I am wanted. I am beautiful.
 You are too!   

I invite you to join in my journey to FREE & FIT over at my blog

And follow me on Instagram!
Really though, check her out! She is a consistent source of encouragement and inspiration, and we need more Chelsea's in this world. I can't wait to be one state away from you, friend! You're going big places and I want to be along for the ride! ;)

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Happy One Year, Seattle!

One year: 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8765 hours, 525600 minutes, depending on how you measure it ;) As of last Friday, I have officially lived in Seattle for one year. ONE YEAR! This year has been a year of big dreams, grand adventures, small victories, and buckets of blessings from God.

This time last year I was settling in as a live-in nanny, prepping for a summer of children's theatre, searching for community. And where am I now? I am wrapping up my time in Seattle, mentally preparing for grad school, while Peter Pan opens this week, Anthro finished last Thursday, and I am 3 weeks away from home.  The tiny little space between those two sentences does not do this year justice, so how about we hit the highlights?

One of the greatest joys of my time in Seattle came in the form of the beautiful family who welcomed me in from day one. I nannied for them all summer, saw them graciously welcome sweet kiddos into their home, and experienced their unconditional, Christ-like love for many. Living with my boss had plenty of perks, and it was a true treasure to find a sister-heart in Mel. She intentionally walks with Jesus in every aspect of life, theatre included, and she does it with so much grace. I can only hope to be like that someday. :) 

Last summer began my journey with Lara Casey's Power Sheets and I have been in love ever since. Her goal-setting process and the path to finding your core/values/passions that she has created hit home and has been a go-to at the beginning and end of each month this year. Lara is a spectacular role model, tending to her home life and her work with the utmost care and Southern grace, inviting us on the journey as though we were life-long friends. If you don't know her, get to know her :)

One word: AUTUMN. The colors here are magnificent! Unlike anything I had ever seen before! My house is 5 blocks from a lake, and in the fall I was out and about it every afternoon. I will certainly miss it.

My love affair with Anthropologie only increased upon getting a job there last August. The discount is divine and my paycheck returned to the company far too many times as my closet was revamped, but it was an eye-opening experience. I'm not a fan of working retail, but the friendships were sweet and customers made for entertainment on the regular. I made my final purchases and waved goodbye to the sweet savings last week, and it is probably a good thing that I am moving far away from that treasure trove.

In November I began taking West Coast Swing lessons and loved it! I took them all the way through March and would have continued if time allowed. Oh how I love to dance and I hope to do more after the move :)

This February I spent half the month traveling, interviewing for grad school. What a journey that was! Though the above school is not where I will be attending, it is where I found the deep-heart-dream to return to school and saw the roots of my desire to teach. The Lord was so faithful in each of those places, reminding me of my passions and His passion for storytelling. I could on and on, and maybe someday I will, but I have never been more convinced that theatre is something He has given me for a reason and for an impact that will rock me and my spheres for years to come.

The happiest place on earth is truly my happy place. I would go every weekend if I could. A family vacation to California wouldn't have been complete without a trip to Disneyland, and I was in heaven. My brother on the other hand wasn't huge fan, but goodness knows that I soaked up every minute, sported sequined Minnie ears with pride, and am already dreaming of a return trip. Anyone up for it? ;)

Last but not least, Cameron's visit to Seattle was one of the best weeks so far this year! This lady is incredible and a friend I am eager to see next month (that's right, I'm comin' for ya as soon as I'm home)! We explored the market, tulip fields, and enjoyed my city. My city! And my city it shall be for a few weeks more.

It blows my mind that this year has come and gone. One year of adventuring with Jesus in the unknown and in the Pacific Northwest. Who would have thought? Not me, that's for sure. ;)

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Be You, Bravely: Kate Monroe

Ordinarily I would not call myself a brave person. Ordinarily I would call myself a safe person. I assess, I plan, I stay in my comfort zone for as long as possible, and I try not to step on too many toes in the process. Several months ago my blog went through a change from Anchored in Love Divine to Brave Love. It was then that I knew the kinds of stories I wanted to tell and life I wanted to live. I shared about what I thought brave love meant, and it's been stirring inside of me ever since.
When it comes to my definition of Brave Love, especially when it is concerned with this blog, brave love is embracing your definition of femininity and using that uniqueness to encourage and empower the gifts and passions of others. Brave love is sharing the deepest parts of me and loving the deepest parts of you. Brave love is seeking Jesus first and sharing the journey. Brave love is messy but sweet and oh so worth it. Brave love is Jesus. 
There are so many wonderful women out there who are living brave love whether they know it or not. I have been blessed to find, look up to, and meet many a brave woman since beginning my blogging journey. This summer I hope to introduce you to a handful who have generously agreed to share their stories. These women are unique, beautiful, and brave, willing to follow the Lord's lead and to embrace who He created them to be. Today we meet Kate, and she is such a delight! You'll see ;)
Who are you, my dear?
A logic driven, redeemed by grace, seeker of love. // Cop, turned wedding photographer, turned future counselor who is aiming to inspire, strengthen and cultivate marriages. // Snippets of my life can be found at http://www.katemonroe.com and http://www.instagram.com/katemonroe

What does it mean to be you, bravely?
I think there are so many definitions and perspectives of what it means to be brave. As someone who is fiercely independent and been in dangerous situations numerous times, I think for me, the bravest thing I've done is embraced my vulnerabilities. Opening myself and my heart to the world. Telling my story, my weaknesses, my mistakes is scary. I've been so much more enriched by sharing myself and allowing myself to be vulnerable, than I ever was by putting on a uniform, 15 pounds of gear and trying to save the world. Be proud of you who are, rather than focusing on the things you do. Be you, bravely.

If you could have a heart-to-heart with younger you, what would you say?
Having a 20 year plan is an amazing thing, but God has so much more in store for you. Bigger things than you ever dreamed will come, things that are the complete opposite of that 20 year plan you made. And all of those mistakes that you make, all the regrets you have, they don't determine your worth... the path you're on, including the things you regret, are being used for a larger purpose.

What is encouraging you this week?
The small (and sometimes big) signs from God that I am right where He wants me to be. After making such logical life choices for so many years I've finally decided to open myself up to other options and paths, leaving space for God to lead me and trusting Him rather than fighting it with the "but what if I fail/how will we pay the bills/what if everyone thinks it's a dumb idea" anxiety.

Just for fun, what are 3 must have's?
·      My paper planner (I currently use the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley and love it!): I had a slight obsession with everything Franklin Covey throughout high school. I tried to use a calendar on my iPhone several years ago, but it just didn't work for me.
·      My phone: As much as I try to avoid technology and all the distractions that come with it, my communication with my husband would be cut severely short without our phones. We have opposite schedules and often go days without being able to have a conversation so being able to text gives me the opportunity to tell him "I love you, be safe, good night" before bed every day and it allows him to let me know when he's getting off work late so I don't wake up at 7-8am freaked out because he's not home.

·      A cup of tea and a candle: Most people need coffee in the morning, I am not one of those people. I love relaxing, quiet mornings and a cup of hot tea (mint preferably) and a lit candle (Volcano candle from Anthro is my favorite) is essential for me. My introverted self thrives on those quiet moments with my Bible to start my day.

Like I said, what a gal! Thanks for sharing, Kate, and you should all check out her new site & blog. It's just as lovely as she is. Stay tuned for more stories from "Be You, Bravely" in the weeks to come.
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Making June Happen

Is it just me or have the days been going by faster and faster since the year began? It's summer! Careful or I'll burst out into song and pretend to be a miniature dancing snowman from Frozen. Well, I might do that anyway ;) This month is my last month in Seattle, and it is already chock full of things to do. Peter Pan comes to an end in two weeks with its final performances, and this is my last week at Anthropologie. There is organizing and packing to be done, my bucket list to be tackled, and time to be spent with friends. 

In all honestly, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Things to do, places to be, people to connect with. Both things I want to and have to do, places I want to and have to be, and people I want to and have to connect with before I go. Sometimes I think it would be easier to drop everything today, hop in the car, and start the drive. But I'm not that person and that's not the way things are going to go. I want to lean in to this month and invest, even when in the moment I'd rather retreat.  To do that, I have to keep things simple. Intentional. Make goals and keep them. Time for a fresh start, right?

June Goals:
Make time with Jesus a priority. This is a must, and it needs to be my #1 priority. When the sand starts shifting under my feet, it's because I haven't been spending time with Him or in the Word. It changes everything.
Commit to Peter Pan and finish strong. I want this show to be my best and to go out with a bang. Yes, there is plenty of grunt work to be done, e-mails to send, and sets to be painted. But it will still be a blast if I have anything to do with it!
Keep up with The Daniel Plan. 40 days of healthy? I'm in.
Make progress on Project Life. The Single Girl's Guide to Project Life coming soon! Well, not just for single gals. PL is largely used by moms to keep a family scrapbook, but I've found that you don't have to have kids to keep pretty memories.
Get rid of the excess. I've got a date on the calendar for my Seattle gals to shop the boxes of clothes and decor that won't be going back to Texas with me. Looking forward to cleaning out the clutter.
Change addresses as needed (home & e-mail). A necessary evil that comes with moving.
Brainstorm the new dreams. I'm really excited about this one and I'll keep you posted ;)

And now for a look back at last month. The best thing to keep in mind: progress not perfection.

May Goals:
Make time with Jesus in the morning a priority. I feel funny putting this down like it needs to be checked off each morning as something on a to-do list, but the fact that my to-do list typically accurately portrays my priorities, I need to physically write it at the top. Last month was not perfect, but it's not about a religious red check mark, its about a relationship. I have learned so much, even in this past weekend, and I'm excited for what's to come! 
Make significant process on Project Life & BLOG about it! Progress? YES! Blog? Not so much. But there is a short series in the works for all of you who have been asking. 
Catch up on One Little Word 2014 prompts. Eh... we'll get to this one later.
NO eating out except for post-church lunches. Not even going to go here. Womp womp.
NO TARGET RUNS. HOORAH! The month long hiatus from the glorious land of Target is over! Now this was intended to curb my spending, but I managed to find places to do it elsewhere. Even so, I learned a lot and have a plan for the coming months. It's probably a good thing there is no Target in sight at OSU. Or even within an hour's drive.
Participate in the She Reads Truth Nehemiah Study. I got a little bit behind, but I absolutely loved the study packet and following along on the instagram hashtag. SRT is a great little community, growing by the day!
Write in the 1000 Gifts Journal nightly. I found so much joy in this! My goal was to write 3 things before bed each night but the list just kept coming! Thankfulness really changes everything.
Be in bed by 10:30pm during the week. Eh. This was almost... kind of... successful. I was in bed earlier than usual? Does that count?
Get my car fixed for the move. YES! I have been putting this off since the end of March. But everything is taken care of and ready to go as of Saturday.
Read for fun (and introduce the Brave Love Book Club).  Another win! A Million Little Ways and Bridge to Haven were excellent! You'll hear about the former with the next Brave Love Book Club update later this week, and the latter... I have great plans of reading it again in the near future!

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