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Making May Happen

The saying is true: April showers bring May flowers. And May 1st brings a new round of goals and a recap of last month. The turn out this time is much better than last month's! It actually surprised me. I didn't feel terribly productive (and my April Tending Sheet from my #PowerSheets looks rather empty), but I still made April happen. May has the potential to be FULL & FRUITFUL. For this month's focus, I snagged a quote from Shauna Niequist: More love. Less hustle. She wrote about it here and ever since then it's been on my mind. Saying no to opportunities, volunteering, and, well, anything in general has been very hard for me over the years. I get into the mentality that if I don't do it, it won't be done or it won't be done right. Or I think that if I say no, someone's opinion of me will shift or lessen. It's about time I learned saying no makes room for a greater yes. 

The sermon on Sunday was about the difference in volunteering and serving, about how the Lord takes more delight in His people listening and obeying than in the sacrifices they make of their own accord on His behalf. A quick recap that deserves so much more time, as it spoke VOLUMES to my heart. Maybe more soon. This month I want to say yes to what matters and no to the excess. I want to say yes to serving my spheres of influence and my callings whole-heartedly, and no to self-centeredness and complaining. The Lord is my chosen portion and cup, the boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places! Amen?

April Goals:

Begin Peter PanYep! This one kicked off with a bang! My students are doing SO well. They were supposed to have the first half of the show memorized this week, and I had a lot of blocking and choreography to take care of. We have another month and a half before our show, but that doesn't mean there is any time to waste.
Invest in Anthro dishesI can't wait to show these beauties off once I'm in my new place. Most of the dishes are in Texas already, and the ones I picked up here are packed away awaiting departure. 
Start a new (doable) morning routine. This has only just kicked off this week, but I'm enjoying it so far. Getting enough rest the night before makes a major difference. 
Clear the clutter. Donate clothes, trinkets, etc. I've at least started this process. My closet has been decluttered, and I'm going through jewelry and decor this week. I will host a rummage "sale" for my friends in the next couple of weeks, basically giving them a first look before I donate the rest.
Get active & drink more water.  I did the latter part at least! Drinking enough water is a struggle. I only like it if its crisp & cold, but when I have an iced tumbler of it I positively down it. As far as getting active... well, there's always next month. THIS MONTH! 

Read & review the 3 books I've been sent. One book down, two to go. You'll hear more about Spoken For next week, then hopefully you'll dash off to B&N or hop on Amazon and order it up! The other two are on my list.
Take care of car issues to prep for the move. My car is going in the shop this week. SO CLOSE!
Make significant progress on Mini Project Life. Progress was certainly made! I'm so happy I switched to the 6x8 album. You'll hear more about Project Life very, very soon. And it will become a frequent part of this blog I'm hoping!

And most importantly: Be prayerful. Be present. Be patient. I won't cross these off because I think there is definitely room for improvement, but I have to say these certainly helped. I wish I had it tattooed on my arm or something to keep it at the front of my mind (...well, not really. I think tattoos are beautiful but I'm too scared to ever get one). It's a good mantra to have.

May Goals:
Make time with Jesus in the morning a priority. 
Make significant progress on Project Life & BLOG about it!
Catch up on One Little Word 2014 prompts. 
NO eating out except for post-church lunches. Goodbye, Chipotle. Nice knowing you.
NO TARGET RUNS. Y'all. I need some accountability here. Actually a lot!
Participate in the She Reads Truth Nehemiah Study. Have you ordered your study pack yet?
Write in 1000 Gifts Journal nightly. 
Be in bed by 10:30pm during the week. Any night owls out there? I haven't had a bed time in years.
Get my car fixed for the move.  It will happen, Dad, I promise!
Read for fun (and introduce the Brave Love Book Club). I'm so excited for this! Check back tomorrow ;)

Okay, friends, let's do this! MORE LOVE. LESS HUSTLE. Start today. What are your goals this month? Anyone want to be my accountability buddy? Target is already calling my name...

I'm also linking up at THE TINY TWIG. Go check out and encourage the fabulous ladies who are coming together to Make May Happen!

PS. I'M GOING TO HOPE SPOKEN 2015! Just bought my ticket this morning. Anyone else going to be at this incredible conference?! Tickets are selling fast! Tickets are SOLD OUT! Be on the look out via the #hopespoken hashtag for ladies selling their tickets or for more tickets to be added. I'd love to see you there :)

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  1. haha I'm exactly the same with the water thing, the colder the better...but definitely got the water thing down pat - the active thing....next month? haha!
    I love your goals especially leaving on the Be prayerful. Be present. Be patient. That is very powerful. Love that!

  2. Oh my goodness when I was an English Education major I made a whole unit on Peter Pan - one of my favorite projects ever!

  3. SO excited for this book club announcement!

  4. Love your goals girl!! I am beyond excite about the book club! I have been talking to another blogger about how fun that would be to do so I am ecstatic that you are starting one!

    So glad you got a ticket to hope spoken! I cannot believe how quickly they sold out! :) The Lord is going to do some amazing thing!

  5. Hi Bailey! Stopping in from tinytwig linkup! Your blog is so beautiful! And I love your list of goals. I hope it's a successful (but gracious) month for you!! :) ~Bri~

  6. I'm participating in the She Reads Truth study also! I'm just waiting for my study guide to come in the mail!

  7. I SO need to go to bed earlier. Every night I tell myself I'll be in bed by 10:30/11 and I'm always up past 12! It's like I literally need someone, daily, to tell me to go to bed at a decent hour, haha. Def. a night owl.

  8. Ah, these are great, Bailey! I have similar goals this month. And I am exciting for your book club!! Woohoo!!