In the past 5 days I have...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

In the past 5 days I have...
....slept half the weekend away.
...slept more like half the week away.
...called in sick to work twice... or was it three times?
...become properly dehydrated. Oops!
...been drinking Gatorade like it's going out of style.
...gone to an urgent care clinic like a big girl.
...been blessed with flowers & gatorade & soup.
...introduced the Brave Love Book Club! the first three chapters of May's book, A Million Little Ways.
...caught up on Grey's Anatomy, Chicago P.D., and Once Upon a Time.
...watched more movies than I can count. Correction, that's 10 movies.
Romeo & Juliet
The Great Gatsby
About Time
Rise of the Guardians
The Book Thief
August: Osage County
12 Years a Slave
Les Miserables
Les Mis + Director's Commentary

We will return to our regularly scheduled blogging shortly. Thanks for your understanding. ;)

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8 comments on "In the past 5 days I have..."
  1. Praying that you feel better soon, sweet friend. I'm excited for the Brave Love book club!

    1. Thanks, dear! I'm on the uphill climb :) And I'm glad you're joining us!

  2. Aww. Sorry you were so sick but watching movies and sleeping sounds delightful. Hopefully I'll get sick soon. ;)

    1. Haha, well I hope you get a rest-filled day to do those things soon! Minus the sick part ;)

  3. Hoping you feel better soon! When I was sick for most of January it really did a number on me! Enjoy your rest and drink lots of water, love!

    1. Thanks girly! I think I've kicked the bad boy of dehydration finally :D

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon. I am excited to join in on the book club :)

    1. So glad you're joining, dear! And thanks :D