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100 Happy Days (Part 2)

Look at that! We are over halfway through the #100happydays challenge, and I'm proud to say I've only missed 2 days. The past 25+ days have been full of rest (somewhat forced by sickness), reflection (again, over a week in bed will do that to you), and reorganization (...so I got stir crazy, okay?). But those past 25 days also saw many adventures with friends, exploring new parts of Seattle and Washington, and watching a plethora of good movies. You can follow the rest of the #100happydays challenge on Instagram, @baileyjeanrobert :)

#100happydays Part II:
26. Days off in my hobbit hole of a room, curled up in bed with a good book are my favorite.
27. I went on an unfollowing spree to make Instagram a positive inspiring place. From 1005 to 300 in a day.
28. The Good Friday service at my church was full of lessons for little ol' me. 
29. A simple day decked in my new army green vest and some Anthro jewels. 
30. Easter Sunday at Mosaic Community Church was quite the party to celebrate the risen King.
31. Hogwarts is hiding at UW. Kelli and I explored campus and I fell in love with the library.
32. Pretty blooms in the backyard.
33. Cameron was in town which meant Molly Moon's with Luis!
34. My hair and make-up always looks its best late at night with nowhere to go. Story of my life.
35. Cameron's family and I explored Tulip Town. What a day!
36. A change of plans meant that I spent the evening at Barnes & Noble going through my PowerSheets.
37. Blog planning? Oh yes.
38. Another date with my PowerSheets and Goal Planning sheets. :)
39. Sometimes its good to disconnect and hibernate for a while. 
40. May is to be Target and fast-food-free. Let's see how that goes. It has been a struuuuggle so far.
41. I'm going to the Hope Spoken conference next spring! Woohoo!
42. A happy mail day with a new favorite pair of books: The Nesting Place & Bridge to Haven.
43. A sick day made much better with a pleasant reminder of what's to come.
44. A day off was much needed at the beginning of my sick week. Praise the Lord for gracious managers.
45. Sweet friends brightened my weekend with tulips, gatorade, and soup for days.
46. The start of Kristin's 31 Day Scripture challenge sent me to Romans.
47. Sometimes you show up to work on your day off and retreat to Starbucks to read.
48. My Peter Pan brought me the sweetest handwritten note. He's kind of precious.
49. A grad announcement from a sweet friend and an encouraging note form another made it a happy day!
50. My She Reads Truth study packet arrived! Yay! 

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  1. What?! Shereadstruth has a packet you can buy? Tell me more!

  2. Love your pictures! Your blog has been nomination for the Liebster Award by Moments Divine. Just click the link below to find out more. I really hope you choose to have fun with it! Enjoy.

    Liebster Award by Moments Divine