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Making April Happen

Y'all. I almost can't bare to share last month's goals and the progress or lack thereof because it is just sad. March was absolute madness, in the best way possible of course. When writing monthly goals I used to think they had to be these lofty ideas I was going to strain to accomplish, but this month I am looking at them in a new way. I want to Make 2014 Happen in a way that's never been done before, at least not by in book or by my standards. Each month I will share how I plan to make things happen and what I hope each month includes. It's about progress not perfection. 

March Goals:
Attend Pure Barre 4+ times per week. So I did this two weeks out of the month! That is cause for celebration! I LOOOOOVED Pure Barre. And it kicked my behind. I highly recommend trying their starter special for a month of unlimited classes. Had I planned better, I wouldn't have picked a month were I'd be MIA for almost two weeks (and even with the best planning I couldn't have counted for a week of cold/cough/nastiness), but even so I'm so glad I did it! If it were less expensive, I'd be a regular.
Finish You Were Made for a God-Sized Dream, Allegiant, and Restless. It wasn't hard to knock Allegiant off this list (even though I technically read it on April 1st....) and I'm halfway through both of the other books. I have been journaling my way through each of them which takes added time but thus far they are becoming fast favorites!
Clean out closet/shelves and donate excess. Again, this is a half-done one. I tore through my closet and packed up a large bag full of clothes that haven't seen the light of day in far too
Finalize One Little Word Actions. Oops. Not going to lie, I completely forgot about this one.
Make One Little Word vision board. Buuuuuuut I finished this one a full week early!
Complete wall collage over bed. I had every intention of seeing this guy happen, but after I carted home a boat load of frames and mirrors from Goodwill, I remembered that I will be moving in 3 short months with only what can fit in my VW Beetle. Back to Goodwill they went.
Begin teaching certification classes. I actually pitched this goal right out the window. Since I got accepted to graduate school (?!?!?!?) there will be no need for this for a couple of years. OSU here I come!
See Lion King the Musical and Warhorse! Tickets for the first positively skyrocketed. I could get great seats at Dallas Summer Musicals for half the cost of the nosebleeds here in Seattle for Lion King, and I was actually in Dallas when Warhorse was playing. Bummer.
Finish the Gospels and Proverbs. I've bopped around through the Bible over the past month, trying a few different lesson plans and study guides. I'm hoping to reshape the way I study the Word this month. I'll keep you posted as I have some exciting ideas ahead for this one!

While my March goals may have been a wash, I think it's important to count the wins as well! These include seeing The Learned Ladies at Baylor, hanging out with my bestie, GETTING INTO GRAD SCHOOL, quality time with my grandparents, completing my first children's musical, making new friends, exploring the city of Seattle all over again.

April Goals:
Begin Peter Pan. Oh hey! I've already done this one!
Invest in Anthro dishes. And this one! Spiffying up my future apartment makes me giddy.
Start a new (doable) morning routine.
Clear the clutter. Donate clothes, trinkets, etc.
Get active & drink more water.
Read & review the 3 books I've been sent.
Take care of car issues to prep for the move.
Make significant progress on Mini Project Life.
And most importantly: Be prayerful. Be present. Be patient.

It feels good to already have a few under my belt. The rest swing between being super practical and pretty vague, but a little bit of both helps I think. We'll check back in at the beginning of next month to see how it turns out. What are you planning to make happen this month? Any suggestions or goal-making tricks you want to send my way?
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  1. Love you and this post about making things happen! So encouraging to see you work through your list, and it's even inspiring ME to create one just from looking at yours! :)

    1. You know me, I love a good to do list. And I love you too, friend! Hope all is going well! <3

  2. yes to goals! I think goals are awesome, not just for the sake of creating lists and completing them but so we can be intentional women of the Lord, making wise use of our time! Love your list!

  3. This is totally something that I need to start doing, so that I have a list of things that I want to accomplish right in front of me!

    1. Go for it! It's so much fun to reflect at the end of the month :)

  4. What books are you going to review?

    1. Spoken For by Alyssa Bethke & Robin Jones Gunn, Soul Keeping by Ortberg, and The God First Life by Weems.

  5. Love your goals Bailey!
    :) Yay for new anthro dishes! Beautiful!
    And- I am with you on starting a new morning routine- that's me in May! :)
    I usually have much too lofty goals for my mornings- and I can't always keep up with them. So, I want to simplify, and go with something that is attainable, but challenging at the same time.

    1. Simplicity is something I'm trying to learn and celebrate. More room for the Lord to move and for me to breathe. We can do it!

  6. Love, love your goals Bailey! I am so excited for you and your apartment giddiness! You will have such a blast decorating, especially with Anthro dishes ;) Oh and your morning goals, lets get together and encourage each other on this. It has been my goal for a LONG time but it is the worst one for me.

    1. Thanks, girl! And I'm all for accountability and encouragement! Let's do it together!