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Apartment Dreaming | Bedroom Inspiration

I frequently refer to my current bedroom as a bit of a hobbit hole. It is a nook in the basement that once was not a room. There wasn't a closet, so I have hanging racks along one wall (and another by my bed) and there is also a door to the backyard... which I'm not a huge fan of. My new place is a one-bedroom and complete with a walk in closet. Can I get an amen? The daydreaming has only increased as the weeks have gone by. Let's take a look at what this beauty just might look like!

one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight.
Now most of what is pictured in this collage I already have. Or at least there is a variation of it hiding in my storage building back home. Tucked away somewhere I have a tall chalkboard with an ornate pink frame around it (the color may change... especially if I'm still on the gold kick) and I miss it dearly. It used to be perched by my bedroom door with verses or to-do lists that changed weekly. I'm not positive it will end up in the bedroom, but for now that's where I'll leave it. The Esperanza bedding from Anthropologie was a birthday gift two years ago and it will once again be on a full/queen bed instead of tucked in its little corner. We recently had an extra employee discount week and I snagged two of the polkadot pillows. They were the perfect finishing touch!

Perhaps my favorite pieces previously in my bedroom were my desk and dresser. The dresser was an impulse buy at Goodwill. It is gorgeous and yellow (much like the one pictured above) with white detailing and drawer pulls. I spotted it for a mere $25 dollars, yanked the tag, and promptly bought it. Then I remembered I was driving a VW beetle and had no way to get it home. I made a few calls and one of my friends' dads brought his truck just in the knick of time. It is the best $25 I have ever spent. The desk is from Pottery Barn and I just love all the drawers and shelves. I'm not great at keeping it organized, but it houses my love affair with office supplies with ease and is quite the statement piece.

Lastly, the tassel fringe and pinwheels are something I'm hoping to add to the space. I can't nail anything into the walls but these shouldn't be too hard to hang. I already have a smaller version of the paper pinwheels above my bed here in Seattle. My only other major concern is the amount of book hoarding I've done in recent years my book collection. They have to go somewhere!

Any suggestions or tips for apartment living? I've done it before but never on my own. I'll gladly take any advice you can send my way!

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