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Anthropologie on a Dime | Denim & Draw Strings

If you haven't heard me rave about the discount I get at Anthropologie it's for one of two reasons: the first, you caught me on a humble day where I didn't want to rub it in, or second, you caught me on an off day because I'm really obsessed and blessed with it. They take care of us at Anthro and this discount is the only way I can afford to shop there. Before I got the job I was a sale room hunting pro and ventures into the sweetly scented wonderland were a rare treat (the closest one to Baylor was two hours away). It has been so fun updating my style and my wardrobe since last July and I am already mourning the day I had over my discount card this summer. There isn't an Anthro near OSU. I checked.

But even though I have a discount and love the ensembles our personal stylists/display gals put together, I also love finding those looks on the cheap elsewhere. This weekend I purchased two items that instantly kicked my wardrobe up ten notches and checked two Anthro items off my wish list; this was accomplished for a fraction of the price at Loft and Old Navy.

#1: The Army Vest
These guys are in this season and have been for a while. I tried on the one on the left because I loved its shape on the hanger and the model, but it positively swallowed me no matter what size I chose, or it made me look like an army canteen. My friend Whitney has it and ROCKS it, but it just wasn't working for me. Old Navy was having a great 30% off everything sale for the weekend, and I popped in to replace my favorite jeans (the Rockets I've worn day in and day out were, well, too worn to wear any more...). I picked up the vest on my way to the fitting room, intentionally a size or two smaller than what I usually wear, and fell in love as soon as I put it on. It gave me just enough of a waist with the draw string but didn't flare out or widen my hips the wrong way. It was $100 cheaper than the Anthro version, more flattering, and on sale. Even with my discount I couldn't get it for these pretty pennies. Once I got it home, I put it over 85% of the shirts I own and it is a game changer! You'll see me in it at least four days a week next month ;) 

 #2: Cropped, Dark Washed Denim
Now I am a big fan of the Old Navy Rockets and they were my go-to for most of college. The different denim washes and lengths fit my style and my body type really well, even if they were low rise (...not my favorite trend). Anthropologie has high quality jeans but they have an equally high price point. I have not purchased them because I was hoping to get in better shape before making the investment. But when my favorite pair of Rockets bit the dust, I knew I needed to find a pair to wear to work and that would stand up to the ware and tear of working with kids all week long. I popped into Loft during their 40% off your entire purchase promotion (sic 'em steal of a deal!) and picked up a pair of the Curvy Skinny Ankles. Hello gorgeous! They have a zipper detailing on the ankle and sit between a typical skinny and capri lengthwise, but I can still tuck them into my ankle boots just fine. We used to carry Pilcro's with the zip ankle but those zipped out of stores in a hurry! Talk about popular. The curvy skinnies have a higher waist (PTL!) and stretch just right. These puppies were $120 cheaper than the Anthro Citizens I'd been eyeing and then even more on sale with the promotion. I'm curious about the stretch and wash cycle, but we'll give it a week before the verdict is out.  Nevertheless, getting the look for a few crisp dollars is fine in my book. 

Both Old Navy and Loft have sales regularly. They're worth the obnoxious e-mail alerts for that reason. I try to stay away from the mall unless I have certain items in mind (which of course is impossible because I work at a mall...) and it's typically not too long before said items go on sale or promotion. Patience is a virtue. Items go on sale at Anthro frequently as well, but once they go they're gone. I'm a big fan of finding similar items elsewhere, but shhhh! Don't tell my boss ;)

Anyone else have favorite spots to knock off name brands or styles? I'd love to know! And I'd love to know if you try the above! We can be twinsies; I don't mind one bit.  

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  1. Modern Skinny LOFT jeans for life!!! I used to wear 100% designer jeans (#diva) until I once wore a pair of these jeans from LOFT. Now I've gone through a few pairs and love the rotation of the few I currently have. They always fit well and are sleek. I love them! I also never buy anything from LOFT if it isn't at least 40% off. Another good option is keeping on your tags to price adjust during the next sale if you can't live without something while a sale isn't on! Okay... essay about LOFT jeans is over now.