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Apartment Dreaming | Bedroom Inspiration

I frequently refer to my current bedroom as a bit of a hobbit hole. It is a nook in the basement that once was not a room. There wasn't a closet, so I have hanging racks along one wall (and another by my bed) and there is also a door to the backyard... which I'm not a huge fan of. My new place is a one-bedroom and complete with a walk in closet. Can I get an amen? The daydreaming has only increased as the weeks have gone by. Let's take a look at what this beauty just might look like!

one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight.
Now most of what is pictured in this collage I already have. Or at least there is a variation of it hiding in my storage building back home. Tucked away somewhere I have a tall chalkboard with an ornate pink frame around it (the color may change... especially if I'm still on the gold kick) and I miss it dearly. It used to be perched by my bedroom door with verses or to-do lists that changed weekly. I'm not positive it will end up in the bedroom, but for now that's where I'll leave it. The Esperanza bedding from Anthropologie was a birthday gift two years ago and it will once again be on a full/queen bed instead of tucked in its little corner. We recently had an extra employee discount week and I snagged two of the polkadot pillows. They were the perfect finishing touch!

Perhaps my favorite pieces previously in my bedroom were my desk and dresser. The dresser was an impulse buy at Goodwill. It is gorgeous and yellow (much like the one pictured above) with white detailing and drawer pulls. I spotted it for a mere $25 dollars, yanked the tag, and promptly bought it. Then I remembered I was driving a VW beetle and had no way to get it home. I made a few calls and one of my friends' dads brought his truck just in the knick of time. It is the best $25 I have ever spent. The desk is from Pottery Barn and I just love all the drawers and shelves. I'm not great at keeping it organized, but it houses my love affair with office supplies with ease and is quite the statement piece.

Lastly, the tassel fringe and pinwheels are something I'm hoping to add to the space. I can't nail anything into the walls but these shouldn't be too hard to hang. I already have a smaller version of the paper pinwheels above my bed here in Seattle. My only other major concern is the amount of book hoarding I've done in recent years my book collection. They have to go somewhere!

Any suggestions or tips for apartment living? I've done it before but never on my own. I'll gladly take any advice you can send my way!

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101 in 1001 | #64. Go to the Tulip Festival

Yesterday I shared my Seattle Bucket List, and it was no surprise that several items crossed over with my 101 Goals in 1001 Days list. The tulip festival is something I have been looking forward to since last spring! When I first visited Seattle, I missed it by one week. But not this year! Oh no! Cameron and her family were coming to town and I dragged them with me offered to take them. It rained while we were in the field, hailed for a little while too, but all in all the day was pretty spectacular.

I don't know why I don't look happy in this picture. Maybe the rain had just started? 
Anywho, does anyone recognize the VEST? Yep, I'm still obsessed.

When it started to rain, the fields became a slippery wet mess! We didn't think we'd make it back without busting our bums in the flooded farm. Cameron's mom helped me to "safety", aka a tall mound of dead tulips, then she went back to help Cam whose shoes had even worse traction than mine did. We eventually made it back to the entrance unscathed and only a little bit muddy. It was totally worth it.

I SO loved having this lady in town! Cameron, come back ASAP!

In town there was a street fair, complete with fire jugglers, funnel cakes, elephant ears (yes, they are a thing and they are delicious!), and various venders. While we were exploring, I caught sight of the wall above poking out from behind one of the tents. We ducked down the alleyway and found the entire wall to be covered in the fill in the blank. Such a neat idea!

After a full day at the tulip festival, we waded through some major traffic and went back downtown. Cameron's mom treated us to dinner at Ivar's by the water and it was delicious! I highly recommend it. It was their last night in town and I was so glad we got to spend it together. Such a fun family! Tulip season is coming to a close this week, so if you're in the area book it out there ASAP! It is definitely worth it.

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My Seattle Bucket List

Time is a'ticking! I have two months left in Seattle and I plan to make the most of it. It's funny though. I had a friend come in town last week and ask what the best "Seattle-esque" things to do are, and I realized I still hadn't done half of them! It's time to change that! Below is my bucket list of things to do before I leave. And I already crossed a couple off this weekend!  Woohoo!

Seattle Bucket List 2014:
1. Go to a Mariner's game. 
2. Attend the tulip festival.
3. Eat an elephant ear.** 
4. Visit Portland.
5. Go on a mini hike.
6. Go up in the Space Needle.
7. See the Pacific Ocean.
8. More bonfires on the beach.
9. Go to a Sounders game.
10. Two-stepping at Bourbon Jack's.

Tada! Short, sweet, to the point, and totally doable! For you PNWers, am I missing anything? I had every intention of visiting Victoria or other parts of Canada but my passport is somewhere in storage back home. Bummer right? I've got two months to make this list happen and I'm determined to do it! Anyone want to join me? ;)

**It's like a giant flat funnel cake with cinnamon and sugar! I know, the name is weird...but it's pretty delicious! And three times as big as my face. Not kidding.

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Apartment Dreaming | Kitchen Inspiration

Most of you know that in a few short months I will be moving back down south to attend graduate school. This Baylor Bear is adding the Oklahoma State Cowboys to her list of mascots, and in the past few weeks I've added some gorgeous Anthro goodies to my kitchen collection. I currently live with four other gals who graciously provided everything for our house, so my dishes are either already at home (thanks Mom!) or neatly wrapped in bags in my bedroom. In the fall, I will move in to a shiny new 1-bedroom apartment! I fell in love with the space and location (even though it was only stud walls at the time...) my first visit to OSU. Lately I've been daydreaming about spiffying up the place once I get there, and here is where my mind has wandered.

If I am correct, the counters, cabinets, and appliances will be dark, unlike the rest of the apartment which will be mostly white (woohoo!). Two of my greatest concerns are (1) storage and (2) wall decor. We cannot nail anything into the wall, so everything has to have a temporary fix. Command strips and I are about to become best buds. I love the collage of white plates because I think it both brightens the space and will be easy to pop up on the walls.

The dishes at the top are the Sissinghurst collection from Anthropologie and I am absolutely in love with them! They were an early birthday present from Mom and Dad (well timed since I won't see them till July) and I've paired them with the Fleur de Lys collection for a mixed-and-matched set. The latte bowls are an Anthro staple and over the year I have gathered quite the collection. I hope to have them displayed somewhere in the space. 

As far as storage goes, I'm hoping the cabinets cover most of the bases, but I get the feeling they will serve double duty as my pantry also. I love the look of open shelving and (if there is enough space) I would be more than happy to display my favorite pieces on the steel shelving units pictured above. Now if a Kitchen Aid Mixer just happened to appear, I wouldn't complain ;)

I also picked up a few odds & ends at Goodwill this weekend (I found a merchandise card in my purse and an Anthropologie canister tucked away! What luck?!). I really need to put the purchasing on pause until I get home. Otherwise my tiny car is going to POP on the way back to Texas.

Is there anything you think this girl is missing? Or any advice to give this gal preparing for another cross country move? I'll take 'em all!

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Anthropologie on a Dime | Denim & Draw Strings

If you haven't heard me rave about the discount I get at Anthropologie it's for one of two reasons: the first, you caught me on a humble day where I didn't want to rub it in, or second, you caught me on an off day because I'm really obsessed and blessed with it. They take care of us at Anthro and this discount is the only way I can afford to shop there. Before I got the job I was a sale room hunting pro and ventures into the sweetly scented wonderland were a rare treat (the closest one to Baylor was two hours away). It has been so fun updating my style and my wardrobe since last July and I am already mourning the day I had over my discount card this summer. There isn't an Anthro near OSU. I checked.

But even though I have a discount and love the ensembles our personal stylists/display gals put together, I also love finding those looks on the cheap elsewhere. This weekend I purchased two items that instantly kicked my wardrobe up ten notches and checked two Anthro items off my wish list; this was accomplished for a fraction of the price at Loft and Old Navy.

#1: The Army Vest
These guys are in this season and have been for a while. I tried on the one on the left because I loved its shape on the hanger and the model, but it positively swallowed me no matter what size I chose, or it made me look like an army canteen. My friend Whitney has it and ROCKS it, but it just wasn't working for me. Old Navy was having a great 30% off everything sale for the weekend, and I popped in to replace my favorite jeans (the Rockets I've worn day in and day out were, well, too worn to wear any more...). I picked up the vest on my way to the fitting room, intentionally a size or two smaller than what I usually wear, and fell in love as soon as I put it on. It gave me just enough of a waist with the draw string but didn't flare out or widen my hips the wrong way. It was $100 cheaper than the Anthro version, more flattering, and on sale. Even with my discount I couldn't get it for these pretty pennies. Once I got it home, I put it over 85% of the shirts I own and it is a game changer! You'll see me in it at least four days a week next month ;) 

 #2: Cropped, Dark Washed Denim
Now I am a big fan of the Old Navy Rockets and they were my go-to for most of college. The different denim washes and lengths fit my style and my body type really well, even if they were low rise (...not my favorite trend). Anthropologie has high quality jeans but they have an equally high price point. I have not purchased them because I was hoping to get in better shape before making the investment. But when my favorite pair of Rockets bit the dust, I knew I needed to find a pair to wear to work and that would stand up to the ware and tear of working with kids all week long. I popped into Loft during their 40% off your entire purchase promotion (sic 'em steal of a deal!) and picked up a pair of the Curvy Skinny Ankles. Hello gorgeous! They have a zipper detailing on the ankle and sit between a typical skinny and capri lengthwise, but I can still tuck them into my ankle boots just fine. We used to carry Pilcro's with the zip ankle but those zipped out of stores in a hurry! Talk about popular. The curvy skinnies have a higher waist (PTL!) and stretch just right. These puppies were $120 cheaper than the Anthro Citizens I'd been eyeing and then even more on sale with the promotion. I'm curious about the stretch and wash cycle, but we'll give it a week before the verdict is out.  Nevertheless, getting the look for a few crisp dollars is fine in my book. 

Both Old Navy and Loft have sales regularly. They're worth the obnoxious e-mail alerts for that reason. I try to stay away from the mall unless I have certain items in mind (which of course is impossible because I work at a mall...) and it's typically not too long before said items go on sale or promotion. Patience is a virtue. Items go on sale at Anthro frequently as well, but once they go they're gone. I'm a big fan of finding similar items elsewhere, but shhhh! Don't tell my boss ;)

Anyone else have favorite spots to knock off name brands or styles? I'd love to know! And I'd love to know if you try the above! We can be twinsies; I don't mind one bit.  

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He is Risen

Glory, glory, hallelujah! Today as we celebrate, I hope that you are full of joy! Jesus paid the price for our sins and conquered death so that we may join Him in Heaven. He made a way for us to draw near to him each day, tearing the veil and rebuilding the temple. He is our Creator, Savior, and Friend. I pray blessings over you and your families today, my dears. Rest and reflect on all He has done for us.

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Three Things on Thursday

This lovely little series is back! I forgot how much I loved sharing with you my weekly finds or obsessions. These three come from my most recent scouring of Etsy. The gold sequined camera strap is gorgeous! There are various color options, but I thought the gray and white stripes were really interesting. I've also been wanting to either buy or make a fringe tassel for ages, so I'm hoping one ends up in my next apartment. Lastly the make up stand is one of the coolest gadgets I've ever stumbled upon! It would certainly clean up my vanity and provide a great place to store and charge my iPad. The company makes desks with built in chargers, too, and those are just crazy cool! What do you think? Anything catch your eye? Or is there anything you want to see in Three Things?I'm up for a challenge!

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100 Happy Days (Part I)

When I first heard about the 100 Happy Days project I could not jump on that bandwagon fast enough! I love a good challenge but am terrible at following them through to the end (anyone remember the struggle bus I was on during the #blogeverydayinFEB circus?). For a while I kept a gratefulness journal, inspired by Ann Voskamp's 1,000 gifts, but it got lost in the move. It's been on my to-do list to pick it up again, and when I found the #100happydays tag I thought, where is a better place to count my blessings than Instagram? I'm on it all the time anyways. And so, I happily joined in! Yesterday was day 25 so I am one quarter of the way through. Woohoo! And I haven't missed a day! 

#100happydays Part I:
1. My Simplified Planner and Katie Daisy journal.
2. Restless by Jennie Allen on the way to Dallas.
3. Going to dance class with my mom and dad. They're so good!
4. Touring and interviewing at Oklahoma State. Grad school here I come!
5. Anthropologie. Need I say more?
6. A lovely lunch date with Victoria from Happily Ever Strader.
7. Watching talented friends in Baylor Theatre's The Learned Ladies.
8. My beautiful grand-little Devin makes beautiful music.
9. Quality time with my old roommates and dear friends in Waco.
10. More time to read at home; Beth Moore is amazing.
11. My new ESV journaling Bible. Love, love, love!
12. The cherry blossoms are in bloom on my street.
13. Reflecting on my life vision and sorting through Lara Casey's PowerSheets.
14. Trying out a new makeup routine by Benefit. I kept the Sugarlicious set.
15. Seeing Noah with a good friends sent me back to the beginning.
16. Our God Comes by my church's worship team wrecks my world in the best way!
17. An impromptu bonfire on the beach was exactly what my Monday needed.
18. I'm loving the new YouVersion Bible app update. You have to check it out.
19. A sweet phone date with Micah brightens my day every time.
20. More Anthropologie. I really can't get enough.
21. Sometimes going through tumblr beneath twinkle lights does the trick.
22. Spoken For by Alyssa Joy Bethke and Robin Jones Gunn is finally out!
23. Post-church picnic at Gasworks Park.
24. Easter egg dying party with my roommates. I'm so bad at it...
25. Chocolate gelato is the way to my heart.

It's not too late to sign up for the #100happydays challenge! Today could be your Day 1! My 100 days comes to a close on June 30, and I move back to Texas 3 short days later. Coincidence? I think not. It's time to make my remaining months in Seattle the best yet! Choosing joy changes everything. I'm hoping this challenge lasts far beyond the end of June. Anyone with me?

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Making April Happen

Y'all. I almost can't bare to share last month's goals and the progress or lack thereof because it is just sad. March was absolute madness, in the best way possible of course. When writing monthly goals I used to think they had to be these lofty ideas I was going to strain to accomplish, but this month I am looking at them in a new way. I want to Make 2014 Happen in a way that's never been done before, at least not by in book or by my standards. Each month I will share how I plan to make things happen and what I hope each month includes. It's about progress not perfection. 

March Goals:
Attend Pure Barre 4+ times per week. So I did this two weeks out of the month! That is cause for celebration! I LOOOOOVED Pure Barre. And it kicked my behind. I highly recommend trying their starter special for a month of unlimited classes. Had I planned better, I wouldn't have picked a month were I'd be MIA for almost two weeks (and even with the best planning I couldn't have counted for a week of cold/cough/nastiness), but even so I'm so glad I did it! If it were less expensive, I'd be a regular.
Finish You Were Made for a God-Sized Dream, Allegiant, and Restless. It wasn't hard to knock Allegiant off this list (even though I technically read it on April 1st....) and I'm halfway through both of the other books. I have been journaling my way through each of them which takes added time but thus far they are becoming fast favorites!
Clean out closet/shelves and donate excess. Again, this is a half-done one. I tore through my closet and packed up a large bag full of clothes that haven't seen the light of day in far too
Finalize One Little Word Actions. Oops. Not going to lie, I completely forgot about this one.
Make One Little Word vision board. Buuuuuuut I finished this one a full week early!
Complete wall collage over bed. I had every intention of seeing this guy happen, but after I carted home a boat load of frames and mirrors from Goodwill, I remembered that I will be moving in 3 short months with only what can fit in my VW Beetle. Back to Goodwill they went.
Begin teaching certification classes. I actually pitched this goal right out the window. Since I got accepted to graduate school (?!?!?!?) there will be no need for this for a couple of years. OSU here I come!
See Lion King the Musical and Warhorse! Tickets for the first positively skyrocketed. I could get great seats at Dallas Summer Musicals for half the cost of the nosebleeds here in Seattle for Lion King, and I was actually in Dallas when Warhorse was playing. Bummer.
Finish the Gospels and Proverbs. I've bopped around through the Bible over the past month, trying a few different lesson plans and study guides. I'm hoping to reshape the way I study the Word this month. I'll keep you posted as I have some exciting ideas ahead for this one!

While my March goals may have been a wash, I think it's important to count the wins as well! These include seeing The Learned Ladies at Baylor, hanging out with my bestie, GETTING INTO GRAD SCHOOL, quality time with my grandparents, completing my first children's musical, making new friends, exploring the city of Seattle all over again.

April Goals:
Begin Peter Pan. Oh hey! I've already done this one!
Invest in Anthro dishes. And this one! Spiffying up my future apartment makes me giddy.
Start a new (doable) morning routine.
Clear the clutter. Donate clothes, trinkets, etc.
Get active & drink more water.
Read & review the 3 books I've been sent.
Take care of car issues to prep for the move.
Make significant progress on Mini Project Life.
And most importantly: Be prayerful. Be present. Be patient.

It feels good to already have a few under my belt. The rest swing between being super practical and pretty vague, but a little bit of both helps I think. We'll check back in at the beginning of next month to see how it turns out. What are you planning to make happen this month? Any suggestions or goal-making tricks you want to send my way?
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MIA from March to April

Is it just me or did April appear out of nowhere? I have been back in Seattle for one week and the days are whizzing past me, faster and faster by the minute. Can I say it was simply glorious to be home? Ah! I will never not love being in Texas. I drank more sweet tea than was probably legal, saw bluebonnets by the thousands, and hugged many a neck I had not seen in months. It was only a week and a half away from the Emerald City, but it was exactly the refresher I needed.

As many of you read in my last post, I am going to Oklahoma State in the fall for grad school! It has been a whirlwind of a week sorting out the details, signing a lease, and dreaming of decorating my new place. I am thrilled to be going back to school, and God has abundantly provided in the financial factory! Praise Him from whom all blessings flow! It is a bittersweet celebration as I am in no hurry to leave my Seattle community.

When in Texas, I had the joy of grabbing lunch with Victoria of Happily Ever Strader. This gal is a pure gem and her heart is bigger than a Texas sunset! Her passion for Christ and pursuing His will in every area of her life is absolutely stunning, and the laughter shared over Torchy's Tacos (which I now highly recommend!) will not soon be forgotten. I also wandered into more than one Anthropologie before the week was through. I just can't stay away! I have had my eye on a set of dinnerware that will finally come home with me this weekend. Actually it will be shipped home; a second cross-country move in my VW beetle is in the near future and I can use all the space I can get.

Once in Wacotown I spent a delightful amount of time with former roommates, friends that drove in from out of state, and fellow theatre people. That city always does my heart a world of good! Baylor is growing and changing more and more, a new stadium mere months from being completed and hype continually growing for its programs. I saw dear friends simply wow an audience with their performance of Moliere's The Learned Ladies then spent Saturday relaxing in the sunshine with some of the best people I know. I may move ten, twenty, a hundred times but Baylor will always be home.

This week begins my second children's show, Peter Pan, and I can't wait to share the process with you. There is plenty more to fill you in on, but that's enough for a Monday. I hope your week is off to a grand start!

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