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Sit and Stay Awhile | Week 1

The blogging world was a mystery to me for quite a while and I kept pretty quiet for several years. I wrote sporadically and for a small audience, mostly family and friends you could count on two hands. I had no idea the explosion that was about to happen in the blogosphere in general or that some of my sweetest future friendships would come from the click of a button. I love sharing my heart with you all and hearing about your days. I wish I could gather you all up for a coffee date and hug your necks, but thousands of miles separate many of us. Therefore I am starting this series called Sit and Stay Awhile. Think of it as a virtual coffee date, or a hot chocolate date in my case ;). Most times you'll hear from me, but I also hope to introduce you to sweet ladies that are absolutely worth knowing and have wisdom to share. 

If you and I sat down for coffee, I'd order hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and sprinkles if they have them. We'd tuck in at a corner table by the window and I'd inevitably people watch as we talk. Don't worry, I'm great at multi tasking. I'd catch myself doing it and apologize with a laugh, focusing both eyes on you with a question.

How are you doing? 

We ask it in passing far too often and receive a breeze of an answer. "Oh, I'm good!" or "Fine, and you?" But I wouldn't let you get off that easy. I want to know all about you. What excites you? What are you looking forward to? What's been troubling you? Every up and down is important to me. Why? Because those make the fabric of our days and knit together our stories. And your story matters.

If you asked me those questions, this is how I'd answer:

How are you doing? Honestly, I've been better. I have been down for the count with a cold for five days now, doing my best to work through it. Actually some days I succumb to the "sick day" and sleep past noon then curl up with a good book for hours. Not exactly the productive week I'd been hoping to have. 

What excites you? What are you looking forward to? Life is not all down in the dumps though. I am so excited about my blog re-brand and a new vision behind it! I am also so excited to head back to Texas for over a week! I hop on a plane on Sunday and in a few short hours will be back in the land of sweet tea, Southern accents, and family. 

I am eager to spend a few days at Baylor, saying hello to old friends and catching a little of that school spirit I've been missing. I am also ready for some alone time. Not that I haven't had any in Seattle, but some quality time by myself away from it all to spend with Jesus working toward these big decisions. To move or not to move? To apply or not apply? To stay or not to stay? I need clarity.

What's been troubling you? I'm wading through big life decisions and tying up loose ends of graduate school applications. My top school replied with a "Thanks but maybe next time," and other schools are waiting for recommendation letters I have no control over. Sometimes I wonder if I'm piecing this plan together on my own or if it is really the direction God is pointing me in. 

Back to the exciting department, I will also tell you that I have several collaborations for Brave Love in the works! Books to read, review, and give away, potential conferences to attend, and a string of posts ready to publish. I'll begin my second children's musical in two weeks and am gearing up for the last go-around of the semester. And I will finally have the opportunity to perform again, seeing my dream of activating artists within the church come true in May. Now that's exciting.

If you and I went out for hot chocolate coffee, we'd talk for hours. It simply happens that way :) I could ramble on for days about theatre, and I'd lend a listening ear to your passions as well. But at the end of the hour (or hours) parting time would arrive, and I'd want to ask how can I pray for you? 

Prayer is powerful and two strangers, friends, or sisters joining together to lift one another up in prayer is absolutely impactful. So friends, I'd like to partner with you. How can I pray for you this week?

And how are you doing? I'd love to hear about your life! Won't you share with me?

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  1. I like your idea of coffee date. If we were able to sit down for coffee....I would order tea. I can drink to much coffee, actually trying to stop completely. It would be easier if there were places in Honduras were I could get loose leaf tea.

    I am a missionary serving in La Ceiba Honduras, just started a new blog seasonsoflearninginhonduras.blogspot.com. I had to delete my other one. I am enjoying the new theme.

    I am starting to dream again and enjoying doing things. I have created a 101 in 1001 which has been a great motivation.

    I am looking forward to chatting more. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love this Bailey!
    Digging deep in peoples lives is valuable...and you have such a sweet heart to want to do that!
    Hope you have a great weekend, and start to feel better!

  3. What a great series! I love I really feel like we just had coffee! :)

  4. You have been nominated for the Sunshine award! You can check it out on my blog!


  5. Love this series!! You have such a sweet spirit and I really love reading your posts! :)