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March: Living, Loving and Learning

So I blogged for a month then I took a week off. I think that's fair, don't you? Last week was long and full and this week will be much of the same. When I shared at Victoria's blog during the #blogeverydayinFEB challenge, I shared a bit called "Living, Loving, Learning". Today, I'm doing it again, only somewhat abbreviated :)

Life these days looks like a whole lot of Alice in Wonderland and not a lot of sleep. The show I'm directing has its first performance this Friday, so it is crunch week for me and my kiddos. And this is the first week Anthro has given me a full week of work in quite a while. Coincidence? I think not. I worked last Saturday and was graciously given the go-ahead to leave early, which meant I had a fun filled afternoon with Luis! We took a semi-spontaneous trip downtown to the market and milled about before a worship gathering at his house. I am always blessed by those evenings. There is something special about meeting in someone's home for a time of worship, and this night did not disappoint!

I am also in a very interesting season of learning old lessons. These are things I thought I had tackled, but the Lord keeps reminding me that I need to give them another go. One is I need to trust Him more. Trust, I think? Isn't that simple enough? Yes, it's simple to say but not necessarily to do. I have big decisions and life changes on the road ahead and I want to trust Him all the way, not just trust that He'll fix the mess I make when I make my own decisions. I am also learning that trust and faith need to be put into action, and He gives us plenty of opportunities to do it. It's time to be brave, take rises, TRUST Him fully.

one. two. three. four

One thing I'm loving is Project Life. I am just getting started on making this year happen, and I am so inspired! I shared a little about it before and I hope to share more of my work in the future. It is scrapbooking made simple, and simple is definitely what I crave these days. Last Tuesday, I started going to Pure Barre and boy do I feel it! It is the best kind of pain I have ever been in. Between my weak knees and general out-of-shape-ness, I was aching and quaking after my first two days. I took an intentional rest day, went again, then an unintentional rest day, and picked back up yesterday. Barre is ballet technique with yoga and pilates, really focusing on small isolations and building the core. I am on ground zero working up, but I love it! Another thing I'm loving is my cozy little wood-paneled bedroom. It is exactly the retreat I need. True, it is usually a mess, which brings me to my fourth love, and that is the new efforts to organize my space! One of my goals for the year is to simplify and it started this weekend by going through my closet and purging the clothes I haven't worn in past seasons or simply don't want any more. They are off to Plato's closet this week, and the junk I've accumulated is going to Goodwill. Man, it feels good to be free!

What are you loving, living, or learning these days? I'm sure we could all benefit from one another and maybe even stumble on a new favorite! 

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  1. I've been going through my closet and drawers, too! It feels so good to purge.
    Your wood-paneled room seems so cozy! I bet it's nice on rainy Seattle days {meaning all. the. time.}!

  2. I am loving the fact that our "new-to-us" apartment is feeling lived in!
    We just got married in January, so a lot of our stuff was brand new, and after a couple of months, it feels really good and look around and to have it look like we live here, and we love it!
    Love this post Bailey! Pure barre sounds hard, but it would be super fun to try someday!

  3. Love! I'm on a decluttering spree as well..feels so good!

  4. Really love your blog - look forward to reading future posts.... your newest follower. :)
    Jayma || http://JaymasTips.blogspot.com