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How 'Bout Them Cowboys?

As many of you know, I've been in the great state of Texas for a week. It has been glorious! And pretty eventful, if I do say so my self. Since late November I have been in the process of applying to graduate school for theatre, and in February I began "jet setting" across the country for interviews and school tours. Last Tuesday marked my last stop at Oklahoma State University, and I left with an offer of not only acceptance into the program but a graduate teaching assistantship which completely covers tuition plus a stipend for living. Praise the Lord! There are only two words left to say at this point: Go Pokes!

I have a keychain and everything so it's official ;) Of course, I will always claim Baylor first. I'll be a bear that just happened to go to OSU for grad school. I'm really pumped about it! This has been a long journey without a destination, and the Lord has been so faithful through it all. He's gone with me to Seattle and He will continue with me to Oklahoma.

Goodness gracious, what a whirlwind! I still have 3 months in Washington and I plan to make the most of them. But I'm already daydreaming about my new apartment! It will be nice to settle in somewhere for a few years and to be back in school. My heart just might explode!

How was your weekend, friends?

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  1. I'm so, so happy for you Bailey! We'll have to think up some fun London/Oklahoma "we're both in grad school for theatre" crossover at some point! <3

  2. What an amazing offer and opportunity! Congrats girly :)

  3. Congratulations!! That's awesome! Enjoy the last three months!

  4. Woohoo! Congrats on your acceptance!

  5. congrats! stillwater is about 25 minutes away from where i live, so if you ever need a friend, just holler. :)

  6. 2 great things - 1.) i found your blog today and I'm excited to be following along. 2.) I'm from Texas (the panhandle actually) so you weren't too far from me (right?) lol. where in Texas were you?