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Ah! How are we already one day away from the end of the #blogeverydayinFEB challenge?! This blows my mind. I have so enjoyed this journey (all the ups and downs and days without wifi included), and I am excited to share my response to today's prompt with you.  Below are the blogs I read daily and they each come with a 5 star review and recommendation from yours truly. I actively follow more than a dozen blogs and I have many sweet friends who are bloggers, but for longevity 's(or brevity's sake) I've stuck to these lucky 7. Check them out, my friends! You won't regret it!

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Michaela Noelle Designs
If there is any proof that God uses the blogging realm for His purposes, Michaela's blog is it. I have followed her for several years, and when I first stumbled upon it she was living in Seattle. I had no idea that I would move to her city two short years later, just after she moved back to Cali. But the city was being planted in my heart and I had no idea. Michaela Noelle Designs is a great source of inspiration and encouragement. She has a great eye for design, incredible fashion sense, and such a sweet heart. 

Such a gem this one is! Victoria and I were sponsoring another blog simultaneously, and I never could have guessed the friendship that would spark because of those two little sidebar ads. She is also a Texas gal which sweetens this tea even more, and I had the joy of hugging her neck and meeting her for lunch last summer. At Happily Ever Strader, she shares her heart and the adventure that is married life, as well as her love for neutrals, Anthropologie, her hubby, and their adorable pup Matilda. Drop by and say hello!

Bloom the Blog
Nicole is one of the most precious bloggers out there. I found Bloom almost a year ago and promptly fell in love with her genuine writing and ability to encourage women in all walks of life. Bloom showcases her love for Christ, her desire to please Him above all, and her zest for life in general. She and her hubby (another newlywed!) have recently started a wedding film company and you can tell that Nicole puts her heart and soul into whatever she does. I'm so thankful for this lady and the light she is for so many!

I knew the book before the bloggers, but I have come to love both equally! John and Sherry are pro home owners and DIYers, sharing their knowledge, trials, and tutorials simply and splendidly on their blog. They invite their readers into daily happenings as well as far off dreams, all the while entertaining us with snarky one liners, made up words, and the antics of their toddler. If you're looking for projects to spruce up your space (whether it is a first home, final home, or feisty temporary basement nook) they are a great go-to.

Under the Sycamore
Ashley Ann Photography was one of the first blogs I actively followed. I remember being perched on my bestie's recliner four summers ago, scrolling and scrolling through the archives of this beautiful family. Ashley is a great photographer, an adventurous mom, and an advocate for those who most need one. She shares camera settings and crafting ideas with a unique voice and inviting spirit. Her kids are hilarious and every time I hop to her page I am reminded and encouraged in my dream of having a large family that pursues Christ and creativity in all our days. Plus, one of my favorite illustrators Katie Daisy did her blog design, and isn't it just lovely?!

Y'all. This woman is a world changer. And a super hero. A self-proclaimed nap time abolitionist, Liz is part of an organization started by my church called Unbound which actively works to educate about sex trafficking and makes efforts to end it. She is currently in the process of raising funds for the adoption of siblings from Burundi and she blogs about those efforts as well as a myriad of other inspiring topics (and some super challenging, which are just as impactful!) at Lark and Bloom. Fun fact, she was part of the team that started the church that I now attend in Seattle. I love the way she says yes to Jesus so bodily, so freely. Can I be her when I grow up? ;) Definitely check her out!

Lara Casey
I'm unashamed to say that this woman is on my bucket list to meet. If you know anything about Lara you know her heart is as big as the Texas sky and as sweet as honey. She is the editor of Southern Weddings Magazine, the force behind Making Things Happen and the ever-popular Power Sheets. We share a background in theatre, a passion for the arts, and a desire to see people activated in their dreams and daily goals. She's got a few years on me and in my opinion she has hung the moon! Her blog follows the antics of her adorable 2-year-old Grace and is an open book to the lessons she is learning along the way. You won't regret following her, and you may become as obsessed as I am.

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  1. I wish I could hug your neck, friend! Can you even believe that we're almost done with this challenge?

  2. Under the Sycamore is one of my favorites, too! Her adoption journey....tears, every time. Thanks for sharing these, and THANK YOU for hosting this challenge!

  3. I have loved reading this series Bailey- and will be a tiny bit sad when it's over- and don't have these everyday surprise posts to look forward to! :(
    Thanks for the recommendations! There is so much good community and great connections to be made through blogging! Hope you have a great day! :)

  4. Interesting blogs! Thanks for introducing them!


  5. So blessed by your kind words lady! And so fun for me to check out these other blogs as well. Thanks!

  6. You are the kindest soul. Thank you so much for this mention. And I love how the Lord works-- amazing! So happy you're in my college town loving life in the sweet and very rainy city of Seattle. Smiling ear to ear over here! :)