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T W E N T Y - O N E || Home Sweet Home

The word "home" floods my mind with memories and meanings. I'm sure you and I share many of these familiar feelings, but when it boils down to it, home has a unique significance to everyone. I immediately think of a dozen songs that use the word, movies that center around a particular house or tale of traveling home, and a handful of quotes that try to sum up the idea in ten words or less.

HOME, right now, is The Blue Door. This is my current place of residence, where I rest my head at night, and where I retreat to after a long day. This has been my home since September and I am here for another six months. My home includes four roommates, a dog, and a friendly set of neighbors. I live in a "hobbit hole" of a room in the basement, and it has become my sanctuary. This home is temporal but it is where I am headed.

HOME is also --and mostly-- Texas. If you ask where home is, that's the first word off my lips, even though I currently reside in over 2,000 miles away. Texas is my history and hopefully in my future. It is family, friends, faith, and forever. Home is sitting at the kitchen table, chatting with Mom and Dad. Home is birthday dinners with Nanny and Pop, Christmas morning surprises, and family reunions for Thanksgiving. Home is small town living with the big city less than 30 minutes away. Home is a lifetime of transitions and changing schools. Home is Baylor University and all things green and gold. Home is a place I can and will return to, and it will seem as if no time has passed.

HOME is unique in its way to shift over the years, but to always remain rooted in the same place in my heart. When nothing else is certain or consistent, and even when it is a time of smooth sailing and success, home is Jesus. Home is heaven. Home is knowing there is more to be had and more to learn from Him. If you anchor yourself to Christ, you'll always be home. You'll always have someone to return to, retreat with, rest near, and be refreshed by. A familiar song sings "Home is wherever I'm with you..." and it's so true. I may not be the homemaker that I want to be, and I may be single for quite a while, but I always have Someone to come home to. And He is Someone who goes with me even when it is far from my physical home.

HOME is what I am excited to build in the future. I want to fill my home with friends and family, scripture and song, and cultivate a place of worship, fellowship, and discipleship. I want to have a space that is open and welcoming to anyone who needs a retreat, be it for an evening or a year, and I want to be intentional with what I bring in. I want to build a family and to raise children in the way of the Lord, and I want to value the people within my home more than the possessions I have. But I also don't want to wait. I can contribute to my home now. Even if it looks different than I expected. Even if it is temporary. I can choose to build a home in this way.
What is home to you? By the way, thanks for your patience! A lack of wifi has thrown me and this challenge for a loop. 

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