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Wednesday, February 12, 2014
I am currently living out of bags. Not just one, many. Of course, that is usual the case for this bag lady, but these days it has a different reason. I am one to have a work bag, a school bag, a dance bag, as well as a purse, but with the amount of travel I am doing this month I can't seem to get fully unpacked. Today I'm giving you a look into my carry-on bag. These are my must-have items for jet setting across the United States. I wish I got a shot of the actual bag because it is one of my favorites: mustard yellow, a million pockets, and my monogram embroidered on it.

a good book. lip balm. a journal. multiple pens. an extra notepad
sweet snacks. iPad 2. sunglasses. Jesus Calling. my wallet
a compact mirror. travel brushes. mini-deodorant. the miracle bobby pin
tweezers. emergency kit. mascara. face wash strips

Simple as that! However, I rarely pack this light so I know about eight more things will be tossed in along the way. And don't even ask to see my suitcase... it's a nightmare. But next stop: San Diego! What's in your bag, my friends? Any other bag ladies out there?

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8 comments on "T W E L V E || The Infamous Bag Lady"
  1. Oh, nice! I've always gotta have some peanut butter M&M's in my bag. I love that glitter notebook!

  2. Ahh your wallet is adorable! And now I really want a glitter notebook, too! -Tessa

  3. hey bailey! if you were wondering where i went....my blog got hacked and locked RIGHT in the middle of this challenge. i still haven't gotten it back yet so i had to make a new blog with a new url. i'm super disappointed and very sad but it is what it is. here is the new url:

    1. So bummed to hear that! It must be frustrating. But your new site looks great!

  4. LOVE Jesus Calling! I have never found a devotion better than this one :)

    1. Isn't it good? I've been curious to try her other ones. But nothing else can compare!