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S E V E N || A Public Encouragement

Encouragement is a powerful thing. In a world where we are our own greatest critic, second only to the media and the "standards" set by society, we need all the encouragement we can get. I LOVE words of affirmation and written encouragement. They are high up their in my love languages. But something I want to cultivate in life is to be an avid and frequent encourager. Not so someone will say something nice about me, but so they can know that they are believed in, rooted for, and cheered on. Everyone craves that and it doesn't happen every day. If someone goes out of their way to say a kind word, doesn't it brighten your day?

That was my thought process behind the Day 7 prompt for the #blogeverydayinFEB challenge. I think it is important to take the opportunity to publicly encourage particular people in life, or to share an encouraging thought/word/image etc for your readers at large. But also feel free to share what has been encouraging you in this season! I'm sure it will encourage and comfort others as well :)

It was so hard to narrow it down and choose who I was going to encourage! I know the loveliest people and could go on for days about them, but this picture came across my feed and I knew it's where I had to go. These ladies are some of the best, and I am more than blessed to call them family.

In Baylor's theatre department, we do Bigs and Littles like sororities and fraternities. It is one of the stand-out features of this amazing organization and it had the greatest of impacts on my Baylor experience and time in theatre. These ladies are my immediate family (minus a few not pictured that I love dearly as well!).

Danielle, my grand-big. The world should know your name, how to spell it, and sing it from the rooftops! You are incredible! I have never met someone with so much drive and such a great work-ethic, and you are an invaluable asset to every team you join! The energy in the room, the quality of the day, and the potential of the art at hand are all lacking without you! I am so excited to spend time with you in a few weeks. You were one of the first people I met at Baylor, my faithful and hilarious Welcome Week Leader you, and walking with you those next two years as mentor and friend was such a blessing! I know you're doing incredible things and it will continue to get better and better. I love you!

Carissa, my big. Oh man. There is nobody like you, friend. No one can compare! God knew He wanted us friends and gave us a glimpse of it as toddlers. So there might have been 17 years in-between our grand adventures, but that didn't stop them from happening! You are a fierce and courageous warrior, a deep and tender soul, and a woman of wisdom and discernment. You ask the big questions, confront me with the truth I need, and seek Him for yourself and others so well. Seattle and Dallas are far too far apart for my taste, but a few thousand miles won't sever this tie! I love you so much and look up to you more than you know!

Jaime, my sister. Hey-ho, Jaime-o! Look at you go! (Okay, the rhymes are silly, but seriously! Look at YOU!)  You have an incredible grace and peace about you that is so desperately needed in both the theatre department and this world. It has been incredible to watch you grow and shine and take the stage by force! It is even more exciting to watch because of the selfless way you bring others with you and the humility you show along the way. There is a spark about you that people notice and it is gorgeous. YOU are gorgeous! I so wish I could be there to see you knock Dead Man's Cell Phone out of the park this month. You're gonna be great!

Jennifer, my little. Oh little, my little. I want everyone to know you and be best friends with you. You are amazing! Immensely talented and a complete riot, you are something special. I snatched you up as quickly as I could and I have loved every minute of getting to know you and becoming your friend and big. You are going to go SO FAR! I am so proud of the way you take life as it comes, trusting God to lead the way.  You've stepped into a place of leadership --whether or not it is intentional and whether or not you hold a title-- and people look up to you. I look up to you! I know you are impacting the department and the younger women for the better, and you share the light of Jesus to anyone you meet. I miss you, friend!

Devin, my grand-little. Can I put you in my pocket and steal you away to Seattle? Pretty please? I'm not kidding when I say that you were one of the best surprises of my senior year and one of my greatest delights! The depth of your heart for Jesus and His people and the art He has both called you to and put inside of you is mind-blowing! The tenderness is such a reflection of God's heart for His people and this world. It is nothing to ever fear or be ashamed of. You are beautiful, talented, and [insert the perfect word here that describes the amount of hugs I want to give you while I try to find the right way to put this]! Your music is powerful. Your desire for truth and understanding is admirable. And your presence in a room and in people's lives is unmistakeable! I am so so so proud of you.

Like I said, my this side of my family line has many other members that are just as wonderful and worthy of praise (Hannah, Kat, Jessica, and Kim---> I miss y'all, too!). So in honor of day 7, let's be encouragers together! Send a text, give a call, post on their Facebook wall. Tell someone they are special and why and I guarantee it will change their day for the better!
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  1. beautiful post, i wish i had close friends and women in my life like that!