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F I F T E E N || Dare to Dream Big Dreams

It is common knowledge that I dream in six different directions at once. Actually it is one of my favorite things to do. Dreaming big gives me a opportunity to look my fears in the face and to declare that my God is bigger. I let my imagination run wild and anything is possible. Well, for a while until reality and doubt come in to burst my bubble.

I wrote about one of my biggest dreams HERE.

Honestly, I want to dream bigger. I want to dream so big that I know it is beyond my doing and will take an act of God to come true. I want to have that kind of trust and that kind of faith, but I won't have it unless I practice. I want to dream with other people, putting my prayers behind their passions, and practice petitioning the Lord daily for others as well as myself. According to C.S. Lewis, prayer doesn't change God; it changes us.

[dream big paperweight]

Last month I had the joy of attending an event called BRAVE: LOVE SEATTLE. It was a weekend full of heart-to-hearts, powerful prayer, and worshiping with women I previously hadn't known from Adam but now I know as sisters. Over that weekend, we shared about the power of uniting as women uniquely created with a mother's heart and a capacity to love that directly reflect's the Lord's love for His children, and one of the main rallying points was simply that: we should rally with each other and see our big dreams come true. Covering one another in prayer and supporting these dreams by acting and walking along side our sisters is POWERFUL. What would happen in our city --our world!-- if women joined forces and helped one another activate their dreams and pursue the calling God has for them instead of competing?

Ha, that's a-whole-nother conversation in itself, am I right? ;)

So how can I pray for you, friends? What dreams do you have and how can I support you in them? I want to be passionate about what you are passionate about!

And if dreaming big scares you, go listen to "I've Got a Dream" from Tangled, and trust me, you'll smile.

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  1. I love this! I'm the same way, I dream five or six dreams at a time.

    1. Isn't it nice to know we're not alone! And what an adventure!

  2. our God makes anything possible! go ahead and dream bigger and be a witness to those who have no hope...that God is the one who allows you to have those dreams come true. xo

    1. Danica, you're the sweetest! Thanks for being such an encourager in this process!