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E I G H T E E N || The Style Secrets

One of the perks of landing a job at Anthropologie after graduation was the opportunity to transition my style from college to post-grad. The stellar discount helped and the gals I work with brought plenty of inspiration. Instead of throwing on nike shorts and a t-shirt (the stereotypical college gal's uniform) or paint-covered clothes to work in the props basement, my style found a new definition. I am still learning to lean toward staples instead of this month's trend, but over all I am pleased with what has appeared in (and been tossed out of) my closet.

[one. two. three. four.]
SPRING. top left. 
I don't own a pair of colored jeans, but they're on my list. This outfit is the ideal Seattle spring outfit in my book (even though this is the first spring I'll have spent in the city). The weather is still crisp and rain is almost always in the forecast, but pastels begin to brighten the day and lace adds a feminine touch. I gravitate to dark colors and neutrals, so this look would be a happy medium. And I love a good statement necklace. 

SUMMER. top right.
I hate shorts. Is that weird? If I wear them, they are a denim bermuda pair and I still don't love it. I much prefer flowing skirts and solid tee's, but I will do the occasional denim capris with a tank and cardigan. Maxi dresses/skirts are also a go-to for this gal, and I bought a few at the end of last season that I can't wait to break out again.

FALL. bottom left.
Another great transitional season, my favorite of the bunch. Fall starts early in Seattle and I love it! I would be happy in jeans, boots, and sweaters all year round. I push the limits with how early I wear this type of ensemble and how late I'll hold on to it. Pattered button ups with solid cardigans, paired with dark denim and leather boots are what you'll find me in most days. I like to keep hair and make-up as natural as possible, but a red lip and a messy bun are how I mix things up from time to time. I'd say I live in this ensemble most of the time.

WINTER. bottom right.
Who doesn't love bundling up for the cold? Chunky sweaters, colorful scarves, and knit caps are an easy find in my closet. I lean toward navy blue, gray, and black in this department, but the carves are a great opportunity to add some color. Layer in a long necklace and a great coat (I scored a plaid pea coat on super sale at Old Navy last week!) and I'm golden. I'm not ready for this season to end!

I'm going from one extreme to the next this week in particular, from sunny southern California to the depths of winter in Chicago. Looks like I'll find a reason to see all four seasons within seven days. But I'm not complaining. ;)

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  1. So...you love in Seattle AND work at anthro? You are the most envied person in my world!
    I've been to the anthro in downtown Seattle before, I must have spent 3 hours in that puppy.
    But honestly sister, but as much as you can and enjoy that job since you're single. Once you're married all those paybacks to anthro won't fly! xo

    This gives me another idea....you should host an anthro give away!

    1. Ooh, that would be fun! I'll definitely keep it in mind ;)

  2. Love all these outfit choices- AND- I agree with Danica.....you are a lucky girl! Sounds like such a fun life you are leading right now! I know I know, the grass is always greener on the other side! :) Super happy for you! Treasure this season Bailey! :)

    1. Thanks, Amy! I definitely fall into thinking the grass is greener elsewhere all too often, and it's truly a blessing to live where I live and do what I do. Thanks for the encouragement!