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Take a Deep Breath: What Fires Me Up

Working through Lara Casey's Power Sheets was a much needed break from the rush and restlessness that a week of e-mails and paperwork spun me into.  It is easy to lose perspective on what matters and what makes it all worthwhile, and a lunch date by myself at Panera was just the trick. When the laundry piles up or the to-do list is three pages long, a deep breath and a moment to refocus can make all the difference. Below is the collage I made for my 2014 visual to capture my goals and what fires me up. I'm dreaming of plenty of white and warmth, lots of glitter, bright flowers, and inspiring work spaces to name a few. I get excited and feel more productive just looking at this lot. 

More of what fires me up: Dressing up for work. Dinner at Mel's. A new journal. A good pen. Art museums. Reading inspiring blogs. Going to the theatre. Bright sunflowers. Adoption stories. The Message Bible. Christmas music. Rifle Paper Co. Thrift store shopping. Lifegroup. New worship music. Being out in the rain. Frank Sinatra. Movie scores. Meeting blogging friends. Re-reading old diaries. Time with my family. Words from the Lord. The Amplified version. Shakespeare. Phone dates with Mom. Gold foil. Making dessert for Lifegroup. Country music. Cobalt blue. Red lipstick.Wandering the market. Traveling alone. And much more!

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  1. What a fantastic lost! I agree 100% about all of them. What kind of journal did you get?

    P.s that's funny because our church calls them life groups too. :)

  2. Such a great list of things! :)