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Making a Mess and Making Things Happen

It may come as a surprise to you but I can make a mean mess. Yes, this organizing madwoman has been known to let things pile up. My housemates can testify that I have a hard time remembering what my chore is, and that I often bolt out the door with my desk stacked high with to-do lists, a bed half made, and hangers on the floor. If it all went my way, I'd be way more on top of things. I'd have a pristine white bookcase from Ikea neatly packed with my desk supplies and crafting essentials, dishes would never come down stairs, and my car would be spotless. Again, surprise! I don't have it under control all the time.

Currently, I'm sitting in the midst of a mess of grad school applications. Resumes here, headshots there, ten Word documents open and twelve tabs for online submissions. I've been sending e-mails, making phone calls, planning trips across the country, and I'll be the first to admit it is a little overwhelming. Sometimes. Other times, I am so excited and eager to get it all done! I am ready to be back in the game, learning and passionately pursuing theatre, meeting new people and making new memories. But I've got a mess under my feet that needs tending to first.

Really, take a look! Do you see all that clutter?! Yikes!

This week I began rehearsals for Alice in Wonderland. I am directing the show at an elementary school and I have 46 students in the cast. This week I also maintained 7am shifts at Anthropologie, which meant leaving the house at 6:45 and often not returning home until after 10pm. It's hard to manage the mess when all I want to do is climb over it into my bed.

Thankfully, there is grace. It is in the midst of messes -literal and figurative- that I most understand and see God's grace and patience. He is kind and gentle, wading with me through rocky waters. So my piles add up... decisions, doubts, worries, dreams, clothes, shoes, dishes, you name it. He walks with me through it all, unafraid of my mess. The truth of His character and tenderness add up to more than enough. 

I don't have to conquer the world in one day. Heck, I don't have to conquer it at all! He has already overcome the world and promises to work for the good of those who love Him. I have no need to fear.

My favorite verse fits into this season well, and it serves as a great daily reminder.
DO NOT COMPARE. DO NOT BE PRIDEFUL. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. DO YOUR CREATIVE BEST. Y'all. Can I get those tattooed on the back of my hands? Just kidding, not my thing, but I need that in front of me constantly. When I feel overwhelmed by the mess, that's a sign it's time to take a step back and take a deep breath. I need to spend more time seeking the Lord than searching for the perfect pen to check off my to-do list. I have been given certain work in this season and I want to honor him by doing it well. Some of my habits need breaking. Some of my projects need tossing. All of my focus needs re-configuring. Again, there's grace for that.

I hope you all have an incredible weekend ahead of you! I have several friends from home in town and more of this mess to make sense of. Hop on over to my Instagram to follow daily adventures, otherwise I'll chat with you all again Monday!

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  1. I love how beautifully worded that scripture is! Sink yourself in, don't compare. I so need to be reminded not to compare myself to anyone else. As a friend told me recently - "God made you exactly the way he wanted you. Who is anyone to tell you you need to be something else?" Good luck with Alice in Wonderland! I love working with kids in theatre - I think it gives them such great skills they'll use all their lives…but it can be a LOT of work!

  2. Your room still looks super fun, even with a mess! Praying for you and your grad school applications- I know what a stressful time that is. The Lord has a plan for you!

  3. Bailey, I so needed to read this. I get so tired of my messes - literal and figurative - and I forget God can work through it and through me. I love the verses you shared out of Galatians. I need those words in front of me constantly, too!

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  5. You are absolutely beautiful in that photo!