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101 Goals in 1001 Days

This has been a long time coming. Some of my favorite bloggers shared their 101 in 1001 last year and I wanted to jump on the band wagon right away. However, it took me MONTHS  to come up with my list. It was hard! I had grand plans of sharing it January 1st since it was my starting date, but the last 5 items evaded me until last night. I'm still using the start of 2014 as my beginning date though ;) One way I plan to activate this is in part of my Powersheets. I'll choose specific goals to work on each month and make time/practical steps to accomplish them. Let's see how this goes!

So without further ado, here is my list of 101 Goals in 1001 days.
To be completed by September 27, 2016.

1. Become a morning person.
2. Volunteer somewhere.
3. Build a relationship with my sponsor child.
4. Go to a retreat/conference. Brave Love Seattle, January 2014
5. Read the entire Bible.
6. Find a budgeting plan that works.
7. Memorize 101 scriptures. (0/101)
8. Re-read my college journals.
9. Become a member of a church.
10. Mentor college/HS girls.
11. Support an adoption.
12. Complete 1,000 gifts journal.
13. Get into grad school.
14. Write a book.
15. Make (actually do!) 10 Pinterest pins.
16. Go to New York City.
17. See The Nutcracker.
18. Organize 3 styled shoots. (0/3)
19. Watch Downton Abbey.
20. Read through my bookshelf.
21. Project Life 2014.
22. Go to Baylor Homecoming.
23. Get my teaching certificate.
24. Solidify my calligraphy skills.
25. Return to Europe.
26. Meet an author I love!
27. Follow my Powersheets.
28. Host a Friendsgiving.
29. Go to a country concert.
30. Girls trip with the Three Musketeers.
31. Send flowers to 3 people. (0/3)
32. Send 101 letters. (0/101)
33. Blog series every day for 1 month.
34. Consolidate e-mail addresses.
35. Go to an Instagram meet up.
36. Host a baby/wedding shower.
37. Help someone pull off a surprise.
38. Redesign my blog. The new look! January 2014
39. Do ballet barre for one month.
40. One month of social media free weekends.
41. Be published/featured somewhere.
42. Meet 3 blog friends in real life. (0/3)
43. Host a Christmas swap.
44. The Contentment Challenge.
45. Learn how to better use my Canon Rebel t3i.
46. Work with a blog friend on a project I believe in.
47. Start a Newsletter.
48. Create an Etsy shop.
49. Activate artists in my church.
50. Host a DIY series.
51. Hit 300 GFC.
52. See a midnight movie premier.
53. Record a vlog.
54. Record a tutorial.
55. Celebrate turning 23!
56. Celebrate turning 24!
57. Write for another blog/magazine/website.
58. Do the Color Run.
59. Take a Zumba class.
60. Go to the gym 3x's/wk for a month.
61. Meet my first weight loss goal.
62. Meet my second weight loss goal.
63. Take a dance class. West Coast Swing, January 2014
64. Go to the tulip festival.
65. Go hiking.
66. Do a wine tasting.
67. Visit Canada.
68. See real snow.
69. Own a pair of red Hunter rain boots.
70. Pay off school debt.
71. Learn to cook!
72. Go to Disney!
73. Invest in Anthro dishes.
74. Read 15 books/15 plays in 12 months. (0/15 & 0/15)
75. Sell/donate excess in storage.
76. Wear red lipstick every day for a week.
77. Try a new cut/do/style.
78. Get a professional blow out.
79. One Little Word 2014.
80. Read all of Shakespeare's plays.
81. Direct a play.
82. Be IN a show.
83. Take new headshots.
84. Rock the top knot/messy bun.
85. Financially bless someone.
86. Help plan a wedding [not mine! ;)]
87. Host a classy NYE party.
88. Take a spontaneous road trip.
89. Attend Making Things Happen.
90. Go to a professional sporting event.
91. Attend a blogger meet up/conference.
92. Turn my handwriting into a font.
93. Host a blog link-up. One Little Word, January 2014
94. Fully run Green Lake.
95. Own a Lindsay Letters canvas.
96. Master the art of Nanny's spaghetti.
97. Subscribe to an inspiring magazine.
98. Meet one of my role models.
99. Go to a real tree farm.
100. Have a real Christmas tree.
101. Make an advent calendar.

I've got 4 down, 97 to go! Have you shared your lists somewhere? I'd love to take a gander :)

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  1. Love your list, Bailey! I hope that I can be one of your three for #42! :) You are such an inspiration my friend and I LOVE getting to know you better through your blog! Loves ya!!

    1. I hope so too! I got so excited because next month I have a layover in Charlotte but it's less than an hour :/ But we will make it happen someday!

  2. For your Zumba class, go to Zumba.com and enter your zip code into the "find a class" link. That will bring up all the classes available in your area. Of course, if you're in the Billings, Montana area, you're welcome to come to my class! :)

    1. Ooh good to know. And if I was there I'd totally come ;)

  3. These are amazing goals! I looove the goal for owning Hunter boots, getting head shots, taking a dance class (never thought I would say this, but WCS is a lot of fun, right?), pulling of a surprise, getting your teaching certificate, recording a vlog (you should and I definitely feel like I should do another, too now!), and pretty much every other goal you listed, too. So excited to see you cross them off! You're off to a great start. :)

  4. Great list! I would LOVE to attend Making Things Happen!

    1. I would give anything to meet those lovely ladies. Maybe someday we'll make it :)

  5. Sweet girl! I just saw your lovely comment but I couldn't reply back to you because you are a no-reply blogger :( Booo!! I wrote a blog post back in December on how to fix that so go check that out and see if it helps! xoxo!! http://simplysweetmelissa.blogspot.com/2013/12/no-reply-bloggers.html

    1. Ah! I was told about this last year and thought I had fixed it. Yikes! Thanks for letting me know :D

  6. Oh gosh, this is amazing! I love all of those goals! (p.s. aren't you just LOVING Lara Casey's goal-setting materials/series?). I am super stoked to start working towards my own goals. It is such a pumped up feeling! Keep your blogging buddies updated on how this goes throughout the year as you cross some goals off your list! You are an inspiration!

  7. We would love love love to have you at any of our Blogging Concentrated Conferences. :)

  8. Love this! I wanted to do a 101 in 1001, but since my hubs is military, that timeline would barely put him out of the Air Force, so I did a 30 by 30 instead. I love your ideas of meeting an author you love, and owning a pair of Hunter boots! :) Here's my 30 by 30: http://swtps.blogspot.com/2013/10/30-before-30.html

  9. such a great list! I love some of the things you have on here!

  10. Great list! I've been struggling to accomplish this project for awhile now. My list is here: http://theprettysmartblog.blogspot.com/2014/02/101-things-to-do-in-1001-days.html

  11. Love your list!!! I have had so much fun working on mine. :)