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You Delight in Me

Today, I want to rest in my identity in Jesus. Not who I'm trying to be or who I used to be, but who he says I am now. This song fell into my lap yesterday and it has been on repeat ever since. Turn it on, close your eyes, and let Him speak to you. He delights in you. You are adored. You are desired. He cherishes you. Trust Him when He says so. Believe the things He believes in you.

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  1. Ahh, this is good! The song is beautiful and the message is so vital. Whenever my eyes stray from Jesus, I look for fulfillment of my worth and identity in my own efforts, in people's opinions of me, in what I own, etc. What freedom is ours when we see that none of that claims us, but our worth is instead held in the hands of the Creator.