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Three Things on Thursday: Sparkle, Sweetheart

It's baaaaaaack! This summer I started a mini series called "Three Things on Thursday." It's short, sweet, and something I can keep up with. Plus it gives me a weekly excuse to share some of my favorite finds with you all :) This week sums up my winter-heart in a nutshell. Hot chocolate, scarves and stripes, and a little bit of sparkle.

Need a last minute Christmas gift? The prints and products at Lindsay Letters are stunning! I have several and honestly want to collect them all. Hopefully a canvas is in my future ;) As far as the animal print beauty to the right, I'll admit I only own one shirt in such a color scheme and have worn it maybe twice. But the real reason this is included today is the blogger behind it all. She's got such a sweet heart and great thoughts on the Christmas season. Definitely check her out! Lastly, I am a hot chocolate girl through and through. Even in the summer. I've tried a few recipes this year and this one is next on my list. Nothing like good conversation and a cuppa chocolate to keep you warm.

Happy Thursday, everyone!
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