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Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!

Oh, what a day! This Thanksgiving looks mighty different from any I have experienced before, but there is still so much to be thankful for! My family is gathering for a large reunion in Texas while I'm in Seattle. So far my day has involved over-sleeping, house sitting, grocery store speeding, and water boiling. A candle is burning, the dishes are washing, and Anthro's turkey day playlist is wafting throughout the house. I just wanted to drop in and say that I am immensely thankful for each of you! My little corner of the internet has brought wonderful friends into my life, and it wouldn't be the same without your beautiful hearts and genuine encouragement. You are family to me, and I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving with those near and dear to you.

{Quote: Ann Voskamp ||  Image: my Instagram}

It is easy for me to jump ahead into the upcoming holiday season (..I've already been listening to carols and our tree went up on Monday) so I wanted to take a few minutes to share what I am thankful for today. I could go on and on, but here is what tops my list:

My sweet, supportive family.
My generous, encouraging community.
Baylor University Theatre and all the gifts it gave me.
Two jobs that I thoroughly enjoy and inspire me daily.
Moving music and talented artists in the industry.
Scented candles from work.
A car that runs and runs me all over the place.
A house that is my home for the year, with all its quirks and charms.
The power of social media to connect distant/long lost friends.
Chunky scarves and sweater weather.
Living 5 blocks from the lake.
A good pen and a fresh journal.
Written encouragement and surprise gifts.
The freedom to be who I want to be and do what I want to do.
...and most of all, a Savior who saw me lost in darkness and chose to save me despite my flaws and failures. He sees me as whole because He made me whole. He brings new mercy and grace every morning and walks with me all the day long. 

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

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5 on Friday {A Late Link-Up}

As you can see, it's no longer Friday, but when was that to stop me from sharing five of my favorites this week? ;) After 7am-10pm days, I am proud to say I called it a night at 8:30pm last night and slept a sound 12 hours. I needed sleep more than I thought! Today is to be a full day of blogging, hot chocolate, and maybe even catching a showing of Catching Fire tonight. Who's with me?

ONE. Anthro Displays

I love my job! I spend my mornings working at Anthropologie (what an inspiring and tempting place to be every day!) and even though this week meant unpackaging 1,200+ monogrammed mugs --hey, somebody's gotta do it, right?-- I have also been able to help the visual team get the store spiffied up for Christmas. I stumbled upon this video on their blog and it is a great look into all the hard work that goes into making each Anthro beautiful and unique. Enjoy!

TWO. Monogrammed Mugs

Speaking of work and all those mugs (I'm really not kidding, we've had 50+ boxes of them this week alone) I am OBSESSED with the gold version of our classic mugs that we received for the holidays. I have yet to buy one for myself, but they would make a great gift for any gal pal, girlfriend, cousin, sister, you name it she needs one!  Anthro has some great gift series and this mug would be the perfect place to pop in a gift card, a lipgloss, and one of their hot chocolate on a stick treats. Feel free to send one my way ;)

THREE. Hot Chocolate

I'm sensing a trend between these 5 items! I am a hot chocolate girl through and through. Starbucks can keep it's coffee and leave me to this other tasty treat. This would be SO easy to make and such a fun party favor or hostess gift. When it comes to your local coffee shop (if you're like me and jump straight for the HC) try mixing it up a bit. Ask for cinnamon or peppermint with your classic drink, or even better at Starbucks ask for a black & white hot chocolate which is half white chocolate and half classic. Let me know how it goes!

FOUR. Texas Sweet Texas

I found this on Pinterest a few days ago and laughed for a good 5 minutes. It is SO TRUE! The little snowflake by Christmas made me giggle even harder. Seattle is an entirely different story. This week the high has been in the 40's/50's and my car has been iced over every morning. The first time it happened, I sadly realized my scraper was in the trunk which was frozen shut and had to wait for the defroster to work. I may or may not have been late to work... But Texas? Pretty sure it's been raining there too, but that doesn't mean I'm not counting down the ONE MONTH until I go home for Christmas.

FIVE. The Everygirl Phone Cases
Rumor has it that my phone gets an upgrade this Christmas. I've been on the hunt for a new case that will keep it classy and protected while celebrating the pretty gold/champagne color it's going to come in ;) The Everygirl blog recently released new cases and I'm loving this one! "You're not the kind of girl who settles. Keep not settling." Oh, that's good.

So there you have it! My five on Saturday Friday. Enjoy!

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Life Lately, An Instagram Round-Up

Hello, friends! Happy Tuesday! Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?! This fact was brought to my attention yesterday and I must say it positively baffled me. Where has this month gone? In all its business, it has been mighty good. I haven't been around here much, but for those of you who keep up with me on Instagram, none of the following will be new to you :)
Work at Anthropologie has been pleasantly steady, from early mornings --and when I say early I mean 6AM EARRRRLY-- to long afternoons in the stock room. I finally got to help with the holiday displays last Friday which meant several hours 10+ feet up in the air gold foiling the hanging fixture you see on the second row. I loved it even though I'm terrified of heights. These early mornings have left me with little sleep, so my breaks are spent at Starbucks with a good book, the Good Book, my journal, and a hot chocolate. I know, I know, coffee would help but I just can't stand the taste of it.  Speaking of books, in the next few weeks I'm going to be reviewing some of my old favorites and even a new book by Beth Moore. Be on the look out for a giveaway attached to it as well ;) 

My afternoons are spent teaching children's theatre classes at elementary schools around the city, and two of them come to a close this week. It has been so fun to work with a majority of these kids, and I'm learning so much about myself and my tendencies in the process. Children's theatre is an entirely new world to me, and it is growing and stretching me all over the place. In all of this, I'm even more positive that teaching and directing theatre is what I am passionate about and want to do for the rest of my life. Grad school applications are upon me, and I'm doing my best to stay learning and reading plays in the mean time. A goal of mine is to re-read as many of Shakespeare's plays by the New Year as possible.

Two weeks ago my roommates and I saw Peter and the Starcatcher. Oh. My. WORD! What a phenominal show with an excellent cast and such a fun story to tell! The show runs as a prequel to the story of Peter Pan we know and hold so dear. With a unique spin, it reveals how Captain Hook became, well, Hook, and how Peter got his name. I am bubbling over with ideas for the production of Peter Pan I am directing in the spring, as well as Alice in Wonderland, and cannot wait to try them with my kiddos. Alice in Wonderland is fast approaching, and just last week I received a generous donation from the downtown Anthropologie of their mushroom displays. 10 giant mushrooms, ranging from 3-10 feet tall now live in my basement, awaiting they day they can be put into place at the theatre. My roommates are so gracious and patient with me. And the girls last year thought I brought home crazy stuff... ha! Little did they know what was up next. ;)

Our house is finally coming together just in time for the holidays. We cleaned out and fixed up the living room, and I'm doing my best to keep my room under control and organized. It needs some more sprucing up before sharing an actual tour, but you'll see it soon enough. I'm quite fond of retreating down into the basement, which is a far cry from the anxiety I held over the room choice in the beginning. I'm so thankful for this house with the bright blue door and the girls I get to live with this year. My time in Seattle has been full of blessings thus far and I know more are in the months ahead.

Now, I know Tuesdays were the day I was planning to share my fruitfulness series, but that is on a brief hold. I hope to have the first post up by the end of the week and share the rest as planned. Funny the way life works and just how timely things tend to be. Anywho, what have YOU been up to lately?

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Grasping for Rain Drops

"I think we all struggle when we can't hold onto something; like friendships, relationships or even just a daily routine. That is why we can feel lost when it comes to Christ, we can't hold Him so we feel a bit lost. But the thing is that we aren't supposed to hold onto Christ, He holds us. We cannot grab every rain drop, we just have to learn how to dance in it. One day we will find that in the end we have been holding Christ's hand the whole time, we just have to live in the reality that He has us and won't let us go; to be honest, that will be something that you might just have to struggle with for now."
~Todd LaBerge, God, Grace and The Gospel 

I don't know if anything more clearly puts into words what I've been feeling lately.  A routine has settled in and yet I feel as though I'm scrambling. My days are long --beginning at 6:00 or 7:00am opening at Anthro and continuing until my theatre classes end at 5:00 in the evening-- and sleep comes slowly. Oh, my days are full and enjoyable, but that feeling of treading water remains. I haven't been able to hold on to my quiet times with Jesus the way I used to, and it leaves me flailing. 

Katie calls her time with the Lord in the morning her "holy time," and that phrase rings beautifully and chock full of truth. Time spent in the Word and in His presence is hardly quiet for me, but I rarely think of it as holy. How silly, right? Spending time with the Lord --whether it is an hour with my Bible, journal and favorite pens neatly placed before me or the 10 minute drive to work after over-sleeping-- is and should be treated as holy. The Creator of the universe has made Himself accessible at any point and at EVERY point throughout the day. He shouldn't be an after thought, but even if He is He does not deny us His presence. 

So maybe my mornings look different and my evenings are a one track path from the front door to my bed, but God is still good. He doesn't have to be fully understood to be good or active in my life. The places I've been seeking Him and needing more of Him, He sees and has promised goodness. He sees ME right where I'm at: halfway out the door, in the stock room at work, corralling excited theatre students across the city. He knows what I need.

At times I become overwhelmed or discouraged by my lack of control over my life in this season. Maybe that's the lesson I'm supposed to be learning. I am not in control, but God has it all under control. I need to stop grasping for rain drops and rest by the still waters. Boy, do I need a breath of fresh air.

I'm tired of apologizing for sporadic posts here at Anchored in Love. In this season, that's how they may remain. I'm slowly but surely learning to make what matters happen, and sometimes an hour at my laptop is not a priority. But each of you wonderful friends and readers are. You bless me in so many ways and delight my heart with encouragement I know the Lord is sending my way through you. Thank you for that :) I love hearing from you and getting to know you, so please say hello. I may abandon the blog for a nap but I don't want to leave any of you in the dust. Know even if it takes me a while to respond, I so appreciate you and am praying for each of you. Thanks for hanging with me, dears :)

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Winter in Focus || Introducing Warby Parker's Winter Collection

In the past few months, I have been introduced to many companies that promote shopping with intentionality. Bloggers I admire have highlighted many a vendor that gives back to their local community or to nations in need whenever a purchase is made, and I believe this is a very powerful vessel for change and positive impact. Warby Parker is one of those companies I stand behind and hope to support with a purchase of my own in the near future.

I have been rocking pink glasses since the 5th grade and it is time for an upgrade. Warby Parker launched their new winter collection this morning and I am thrilled to partner with them in sharing their brand and beautiful new frames! One of the features I love most about WP is the at-home try on program, where they will send you 5 frames for a 5 day trial. Wrap them up and send them back at the end of the week then order your favorites. But the best endeavor under Warby Parker's belt is their Buy A Pair, Give A Pair initiative. So far they have given over 500,000 pairs of glasses to people in need. They work with partners such as VisionSpring to equip and empower people to obtain a better standard of living.
The inspiration for the winter collection comes from day-dreaming of our favorite late-month pastimes: curling up by the fire with a good book, taking to the top ladder rungs to hang holly about the house, venturing into the blanketed outdoors for hikes and snowball fights, and everything in between. This collection fits right in to their signature style, rustic meets modern, continuing with modern shapes but adding cooler hues. I am definitely a fan!

I don't know about you, but I'm sold. Below are my top picks from their newest collection. I plan to submit my five picks for the at home trial by the end of the week, don't you worry ;)

Weltey, Whiskey Tortoise 

Seymour, Tennessee Whiskey 


Be sure to check them out and let me know which ones are your favorites! See the Winter Collection here.
All images are credit and property of WP, provided for this blog post. 

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