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Seattle Adventures: An Apple A Day

I finally got to go to an apple orchard! Guys, this has been on my fall bucket list for years! And what better place than Washington? After church several lovely ladies and I packed up and drove over an hour away to a fall festival at an orchard, and it was too cute! Super small, mostly picked-over, but still fun. 

And my favorite part? You could try as many as you liked along the way! I do enjoy a good apple but they are not my favorite snack, so I was more than happy to try one here and there and let the girls gather to their hearts' content. After a while we really could taste the difference and pick up on small differences. By the way we were talking you'd think we were experts. At least we thought we sounded like them ;)

The leaves are changing colors and the air is crisp with autumn. You could say I'm one happy camper! Back home in Texas, the season change typically happens much later and much more drastically. One day it's summer and the next it's just dry and cold. No pretty season shift. Sometimes, it stays hot and humid through Christmas. Last year that was the case, 70's and warm until Christmas Even then surprise! Snow flurries! I'll admit, that white Christmas was magical.

Here in Seattle, I hear people speak with dread about the weather in the months to come. I'm over here singing praises that it's scarf and boot weather, so don't mind me :) Sunday's weather was perfect for apple picking, and these girls made for the BEST company!

What did you do this weekend? Anything on your fall bucket list that I should add to mine?

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  1. So fun! I went apple picking the other weekend and it was lovely! I hadn't done it in years and years, so it was great to try it again. I found some super great apples to bake with too :) I admit that fall weather is my absolute favorite, but here in Ohio the winters are BRUTAL. I'm sure you'd welcome it ;)

  2. Falls in the NW are pretty good. I'm not a rain kind of girl, but the season before the rain hits is wonderful!

  3. What a sweet, sweet fall outing! I have always wanted to go apple-picking, but alas, it's just been with the apples in my backyard. Someday, though! :)

    And I loved what you had to say about falls in the PNW. I all too often take the foggy cool mornings for granted but have recently fallen in love with the warm colors, crisp cool air, and warm afternoons. Now I just need to find myself a pair of rainboots for the upcoming wet months!

  4. You look beautiful! And that has been on my bucket list too. I loooove apples so I would just melt if I went apple-picking!