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Giving Goodies | Teacher Talk Link-Up!

Helloooooo, beautiful! I'm not kidding when I say that gifts are my love language, and this blew me out of the water! Woah, baby! Kristin, you knocked my socks off and blessed my heart more than you probably know. :)

Now how about a little background?

Two of my favorite bloggers, Nicole from Bloom the Blog and Jaime from Southern Simplicity organized the Teacher Talk group in late August/early September as a way to connect student and full time teachers with others around the blogosphere to be an encouragement to and resource for one another. This fall I have been teaching children's theatre classes every day after school and jumped at the chance to get to know someone working similarly.

Enter Miss Kris into the picture. This gal is a teaching assistant who works with special education children as well as teaches Spanish and French. She shares my love for Target and Vera Bradley and of course the color pink. I may have put my gift to her in the mail a tad bit late, but hopefully she'll forgive me ;) But did you SEE that bundle of goodies above? Kristin went above and BEYOND! Vera pencils and a purse, three candles, candies, pretty pens, a travel tumbler and some precious fall decorations. They just kept appearing! Thank you so much, sweet thing, and I hope you have a wonderful week at school! You're changing those kids lives for the better, I just know it!

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  1. Hey sweetie! Check out my blog post from today; I nominated you for the Liebster Award :) Hope you have a fantastic day girl!

  2. This is great that there is a community for teachers so they can encourage and lift up one another! So important!