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The Seattle Saga: Part I

Do you remember the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie "Getting There"? 

The twins get this shiny new Mustang convertible for their and decide to take a road trip with friends. If I remember correctly, things didn't go so well and they barely made it. You could say the same for my cross-country move to Seattle last week. We were oh-so-glad to get there, but it was definitely an adventure.

Here's a look at our major points. We would drive in a total of 9 states over 4 days. We may not have made those loops but it sure felt like it after driving up, down, and around so many mountains!

The Seattle Saga
Day 1: Dallas to Denver
Day 2: Denver to Salt Lake City
Day 3: Salt Lake City to Boise
Day 4: Boise to Seattle

Monday morning my Mom and I woke dark bright and early to get on our way. The first leg of the journey would be roughly 13 hours from the Dallas area to Denver. I was so excited to make it to Colorado because that meant I would get to see one of my dearest friends Micah! She graduated from Baylor's theatre department in December and left me by my lonesome. Just kidding, she went off to do great things in Denver but I still miss her dearly! 

And so, we drove... and drove... we waved at Dallas as we drove past it. We waved at Oklahoma as it was gone in the blink of an eye. We breathed easier once we were out of Sooner country (Sic'em Bears!) and saw Kansas up ahead. We drove halfway up Kansas then more than halfway across it, and it was as exciting as it sounds. Some of my favorite Baylor friends are from Kansas so it was fun to see their corner of the world, but I was also happy to see the Colorado state line. 

We drove and we drove and we drove some more, finally pulling into Colorado around 9:30. Micah graciously opened her home to my Mom and I, and we were able to relax on her back porch to chat for a while. Seriously that girl does my heart so much good! I am so thankful that I can call her sister and friend. But she had work in the morning and -while we planned to sleep in until 9:00 or so- I needed to rest, too. 

Tuesday we were up and at 'em again. Or so we thought we would be. Mom went out to the car to move it... and it wouldn't start. She cranked it... and it didn't start again. We pushed and prayed and finally it started! However, all the electrical things had reset. The clock, the mileage, etc. But it started! We kept praying and we kept going, hoping it would make the trek to Salt Lake City just fine. But when we stopped for gas, it was still struggling, so we asked where the best local car place was and were pointed to James at Tires Plus. Apparently he was the pro at Volkswagens.

We dropped Marshall (my car, remember?) off with James, and they said they'd call us when they knew what the problem was. Luckily -rather, dangerously- there was a shopping center across the street. Mom and I wandered through World Market, Michael's, and Target before camping out at Barnes & Noble. She called and they were still running diagnostics so we picked up a few books and perched in the corner. 

This is where I picked up Bread & Wine. Shauna Neiquist has a way with words! Her book makes me feel like I have been sitting at a robust farm table piled high with delicious dishes and fine wine, chatting with a circle of friends I hold dear, and learning something new about each of them. I love her collaboration with Lindsay Letters (an amazing calligrapher!) and hope to someday own both the book and the prints (not until after the contentment challenge though, right?!).  

I only got 3 chapters in before Mom wanted to go check on the car in person. We walked, and then she talked, and then we crossed back over to the shopping center. The car was dying on them, too, but they couldn't figure out what was wrong. Mr. James-the-VW-Genius thought it was the battery since it was triggering the electrical what-have-you, and said they would change it after their diagnostic checks were complete. Mom and I decided on Chipotle for lunch, and just happened to wander into Payless Shoe Source. Let's just say that when they got the car running, it was quite a bit slightly more full than when we dropped it off thanks to Target and Payless. And Mom, of course ;)

We were on the road again around 3:00 with 7.5 hours to go. We were glad to have the car fixed but not excited to drive through the mountains in the dark. Mom put the pedal to the metal and we booked it. The next state on our list was Wyoming. Again we drove up into it and all the way across it. We passed through Cheyenne... then didn't see another town for around an hour. Wyoming is the definition of wide open spaces. Nothing but eighteen-wheelers and the road for miles. We stopped for gas and food a few hours into the drive since we didn't know when we'd see the next town (and thanks to an emergency orthodontist appointment, I was living off of Special K protein drinks and mashed potatoes thanks to my new retainer.. sorry if that's gross or weird, but it was an added pain on this trip). 

Utah came into view under a blanket of black skies, and driving in those mountains in the pitch black was hardly fun. You could tell this was a dangerous place to drive in the winter because of all the signs about tire-chains, and there were even a few "Truck Escapes" or "Runaway Truck Ramps". I'm definitely not going back through there during the holidays. Or ever.

Finally, much later than expected, we pulled into the Country Inn and Suites just outside of Salt Lake City. We decided to drive through downtown and end up on the other side to hopefully miss traffic in the morning. We were given our room keys and hurried to the elevator. I must say, my bed never looked so beautiful! 

Thus ends The Seattle Saga: Part I. Let me tell you though, the car troubles adventures are far from over. Have any of you ever driven across the country? If so, what were your adventures? Hopefully less frustrating than ours, but it's what makes the trip memorable right? 

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  1. oh wow. sounds like quite an adventure, can't wait until part two!! Your poor car. Hugs!

    1. Thanks girl! I was really worried we weren't going to make it, but praise God we did!