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So Long Seattle Summer, Hello Seattle September!

Am I the only one in disbelief that September is upon us? If there's one thing I've noticed in the past few months of blogging is how, each time I begin a post, my first thought turns to how quickly time has passed or is passing. But it is so true! One blink and poof! That's the way it works I suppose. Time has again gotten away from me as August has come to an end. Summer is dimming and autumn is just around the corner, so it's time to wrap a neat bow on the gift that truly was the previous three months.

You may not know this, but I am in Texas. I am deep in the heart of my glorious home state and have been for one week now! However, tomorrow morning my mom and I will hop in my tiny red Volkswagen beetle and hit the road. We'll be Seattle-bound by way of Denver, Salt Lake City, and Boise. The year ahead is becoming official as I move into a new house with four new roommates and trek across the country with as many of my belongings as will fit in my bubble of a car. 

You should be proud of my packing efforts, by the way! You can still see out the back of my car and there's leg room (albeit not much). I sifted through boxes and boxes of books (so hard to choose!), clothes (I definitely packed too many... then bought some more...), candles (all melted by now), and Christmas decorations (totally unfair how many are being left behind), but we fit it all in there with room to spare. It helps that my room will be small and my gracious roomies are providing the furniture and kitchen necessities this go around. It will still be three days crammed in the car, but we shall prevail!

To make the most of my time at home, I spent several days this week in Waco, soaking up the Baylor spirit and the sweet friendships I'll leave behind. It was their first week of classes which meant everyone's schedules were crazy, but I had a great time. It was absolutely wonderful getting to see so many familiar faces and catch up on life, sharing the details of my summer in Seattle and God's faithfulness in the process. Seriously, He is so good! Retelling the story over and over again was the best refresher of really how He has provided above and beyond what I've asked for and needed every step of the way. Even in my days back at Baylor, He was with me and surprising me daily.

On Thursday I had the absolute JOY of meeting Victoria of Happily Ever Strader for lunch. She is such a sweetheart and my soul sister! We chatted for over two hours and I left feeling so refreshed and even more positive that God uses the blogging community to spread His glory, gospel, and gifts. I am so glad we snuck in a Chick-fil-a date before I set off for Seattle and she took off for a weekend getaway. Hope you're having a blast, friend!

This blog is going to be quiet for the next week as Mom and I drive several thousand miles doing our best not to go insane in the heat. I can't tell you how bummed I was every time I glanced at the temp here in Texas. At least 20 degrees hotter than Seattle. Yesterday we got up to 104. Just miserable!

Be on the look out for a complete blog makeover, too! I won a re-design by Tricia Nae on the Southern Simplicity blog and she has been tweaking it to make Anchored in Love Divine just right. I cannot wait to see it in action :) Like I said, be on the look out for it soon. 

I may or may not be on again this week, but if you want to follow my cross-country adventure check out my Instagram at baileyjeanrobert and Twitter at baileyjrobert. Have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!

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